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“Help me! I am suffering. I hear screams echo throughout camp as people get there amputations done. Valley Forge is my home but I do not want to die in it. I love this place but I am scared that I will die here and not see my family again. We need to win this war, for our country, for our loved ones, and for General Washington.”I said. 18 miles out of Philadelphia is this soldier camp called Valley Forge. People are cold, getting sick, and suffering. Valley Forge was made for the soldiers at the time of war, to help with shelter and location. Soldiers risk their lives fighting war, trying to win, and even just staying in the camp. George Washington’s army is losing men and the soldiers are asking themselves should I quit or re-enlist. I have decided to not re-enlist because there are not enough supplies, a large chance of dying, and…show more content…
The British have brought many illnesses here , such as dysentery and pneumonia, which has made life even harder. In February of 1778, 3.989 people have had an illness, that is about 50%(Bush 147). In the total time of encampment 1,800 to 2,500 died of illnesses. Smallpox is spreading around like wild fire. Medics have just now discovered a cure which is not certain to cure all people completely. Medics painstakingly do amputations on soldiers because of frostbite. There is still a chance of infection and you can possibly die from it. People do not only die from illnesses they can die from starvation because of the lack of food. Clothing is a gigantic problem in this freezing cold weather. Below zero degree weather is not a very good mix with our ripped and torn clothes. “His bare feet are seen thro’ his worn out shoes, his legs nearly naked from the tatter’d remains of an only pair of stockings”(Waldo 151). People are shivering and freezing to death. By the end of 1778 it is estimated that there are 8,000 soldiers still alive in Valley Forge in

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