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Have you ever water skied, or tried to? Water skiing is a great sport for all ages. I have been enjoying water skiing since I was five years old. I have grown in my skills and plan to keep doing so. To enjoy this sport it is important to know what water skis are, how to water ski, and the different types of water skiing. First, water skis can be made out of a few common materials, and various different items and measurements are needed to create them. Water skis are commonly made out of wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. Generally skis are a little less than six feet long, and are about eight inches wide. Heavier people will need to have larger skis. On the bottom of each ski there is a fin to provide stability. Also on the ski is a rubber boot…show more content…
The basics of skiing are important to be successful. First, put on a lifejacket. explains that you should practice the basics of water skiing on land before you try it in the water. You should have a few hand signals planned with your driver to communicate, such as speed up, slow down, stop, and head back. After you have practiced on land, start in the water in a sitting position. Have the tips of your skis sticking out of the water, and the rope between your skis. Hold the rope handle in your hands firmly, and tell the boat driver when you are ready. Your driver will take off, and you should count to three slowly as you stand up. When you get up, bend your knees slightly and lean back just enough to keep the tips of your skis out of the water. When you signal the driver you want to stop, let go of the rope. You will slowly glide until you come to a stop. Your driver will have to be going at least fifteen miles per hour for you to stay on top of the water. As a beginner, you will start on two skis, but as your skills progress you may try the other opportunities skiing gives you…show more content…
Some types of water skiing include competition, trick, figure, slalom, kite, and barefooting (Britannica School). Some skiers ski in competitions and perform shows. Trick and figure skiing require special short skis making it easier to maneuver, and have no fins on the bottom. This allows them to do 360-degree spins. Slalom skiing is repeated turns back and forth at high speeds in between buoys. The skier needs to be able to ride across the boat’s wake. They may also wear skis with longer fins to allow them to cut in between the buoys faster. Kite flying has grown in popularity since the 1960’s. The skier wears a body harness connected to a large kite. When the motorboat picks up speed the kite will catch the wind (Britannica School). Barefooting is skiing on your bare feet. You do not wear skis while barefooting. To calculate how fast you should, go you use the formula of the skier’s weight in pounds divided by ten then add 20. This speed is what your driver should go (World Barefoot There are different types of water skiing allowing you to progress in skill level, and find the one that best suits

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