Informative Essay On Prescription Drugs

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Since prescription drugs are only intended to be used when prescribed by a doctor to a specific patient, the effects of just anyone using them can be hazardous in many ways. Doctors prescribe prescription drugs to patients who need help with medical problems. Prescription drugs are drugs meant to be taken in a responsible manner going along with the doctor or pharmacist's request and the label on the container. Prescription drugs can become unsafe to the user if they are taken in a way they have not been intended to take. Although these drugs are very harmful, many prescription drugs can help someone with medical conditions live a healthy, normal lifestyle. Prescription medication benefits the user tremendously; it provides an effective way for people to withstand pain, function normally, or have control of a certain part of their life. While prescription drugs can be very useful and helpful when a person has a medical problem, they can also lead to adverse health risks including addiction if not taken properly.…show more content…
Doctors make sure to carefully and specifically look at their patient's medical history for making any decisions. This is because certain medicines can become dangerous for people with high blood pressure or heart conditions. Not only can prescription drugs become dangerous for these reasons, but when a vast amount of these drugs are taken together, they can negatively interact with each other and cause even more problems. This is especially why when doctors prescribe medications they take serious consideration on what to give to their patients. They have to determine the size and timing of the dosage of medication, which is extremely important as these must be adjusted for each individual. This determines why it is so crucial that only people who have been prescribed prescription drugs should be taking

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