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Let’s say you are out on a boat with your best friends on a bright Sunday afternoon deep sea fishing. The weather forecast called for a hurricane but by the looks of things the weather man was wrong. Because what are the odds the weather man is right on this particular day? Your friends say turn back just in case, but you insist to keep going. But all of a sudden you notice the waves around you start to get bigger; wind starts to howl; sun disappears. Your heart skips a beat, the boat turns over, everything on the boat is spilled into the chilling ice waters. You and your friends scramble franticly to the boat to find something to hang onto. Your thinking to yourself this is the end of me, we should have listened to the weather report. Just…show more content…
The USCG was founded in 1970 by secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. Some of its duties include; enforcing waterway safety and all applicable federal laws on the high seas and water ways, also helps with lighthouses and has many navigational aid station and many radio beacons to help navigate ships and vessels. The USCG has many boats and search aircrafts for search and rescue missions. What most people don’t know about the USCG is they also help with and in charge of the International Ice Patrol and maintains watch of ice and icebergs in the North Atlantic water ways. But during war times the USCG will become part of the US Navy and escort ships, help securing ports, and manning transports. The program has many other duties in order to keep our ports and high seas safe and friendly, there is just not enough time to list them…show more content…
Financial benefits include, starting salary is 20,000 dollars a year, this is just the starting pay ("U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve."). They will financially with for sea pay, housing expense, clothing and hazardous duty pay, plus they will pay you extra just from being away from your family. Pay will also increase with the more time you’re enlisted, and promotions. The benefits you'll receive on active duty also include certain health care and other benefits for your family ("U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve."). Plus, we allow both men and women to take up to two years off (without pay) to stay home with a newborn ("U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve."). When the two years are up, you can reenter at the same rank as when you left. The Coast Guard offers a range of opportunities for all sorts of interests. The Coast Guard is a great place for professionals in the marine and environmental sciences, offering access to the latest technology and research initiatives ("U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve."). In addition, the Coast Guard offers strong careers in law enforcement and mechanical engineering ("U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard

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