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What is football? How come football is so great? These are some questions asked by fans and people that want to learn about football. This great sport has some of the most athletic people in the world; these people have lighting like speed on offense, super mutant strength on defense, and must strong to push any one around to be able to get a touch down. In football there are three parts to the team, offence, defense, and special teams. On the offence team there are three major players and without these players the team wouldn’t be able to score and or even. , Play. These players include the quarter back is the guy that passes the ball to everyone. He has to have great reflexes and perfect throws. He is usually the head of the offense. Then there are wide receivers they are the guys that catch the ball that the quarterback throws too they are also a guys that blocks’ the corner. That takes us to the next best player and that is the running back. He has to be super fast on his feet and agile he has to be able to run through any one and or anything you put in front of him no matter how big or how small. He has to find an opening to be able to catch the ball and run through the defense to score a touch down.…show more content…
That is the group that has to make huge tackles and major blocks to stop the other team from scoring. With out them we would lose every game, the top three players for the defensive team are known as corner backs. He blocks the wide receiver and makes crazy cool interceptions and big tackles. Then there are safety’s there like corners backs but they are the guys that are they’re to make sure that if the ball does goes deep he is there to block and make sure that the offensive line fail to complete the pass. Last but not lease for defense there are lineman they are the big guys that try to break the line and make huge sacks and great tackles on the running back and quarterback and stop them from getting a touch

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