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  • Write An Informative Essay On Motocross

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    Motocross is the most physically demanding sport because have no breaks or timeouts. When race motocross have 2 heat races and the main event. So do 1-2 or sometimes 3 minute lap times and do 20-30 laps per race and once the gate drops not able to stop until the end of the race (Horton). constantly on the gas hitting 60-80 foot doubles sometimes even bigger like a 250 foot quad and long rhythm sections without stopping. When riding that hard without breaks and timeouts for that long doing that

  • Informative Essay On Human Trafficking

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    Trafficking Human trafficking is a worldwide issue that has been going on for years. It can start from the person you least expect it from. The main focus of this essay is how is team not for sale protecting individuals from human trafficking? This essay will be telling you about what human trafficking is. I think this is relevant to this essay because it informs the reader about what human trafficking is. The next statement will inform the reader how traffickers take advantage of people’s vulnerability

  • Informative Essay On Hammerhead Sharks

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    Do you know how big the largest Hammerhead shark recorded was? Some say it was caught in 1979 and that it was a whopping 17+ft long, but there is not enough evidence to support it. The largest shark ever recorded was 14.5ft and 1,262lbs. It was caught near the coast of Florida by the fisherman Bucky Dennis of Port Charlotte after a five hour battle. In that time, the shark towed the boat around 12 miles. (Times 2006) In this research paper I am going to tell you all about Hammerhead sharks. I am

  • Informative Essay: Are Pennies Useful

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    Are Pennies Useful Ok Im sure most of the class has heard the saying, a penny for your thoughts, or a penny saved is a penny earned. However it’s a fact that the penny is becoming non-existent in the nations economic life. The truth of the matter is that pennies don’t buy much of anything anymore. It’s time to let pennies go extinct in our economy and move on to something different. Sure, some of you might say, pennies can be annoying, but why do we have to get rid of them? Why must we change something

  • Informative Essay On Memphis Tennessee

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    Memphis Tennessee is a southern city everyone should visit if they get the opportunity. Memphis is known for several festivals which bring many people to the city, the many musicians who have played there, and its association to the Civil Rights Movement. Memphis has several key festivals which liven up the city and bring thousands of revelers to the city. One of the largest celebration of the city is Memphis in May which is a month long series of events promoting African American heritage and outreach

  • Informative Essay Beyonce Knowles

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    Hot and sexy Beyonce Knowles is a versatile and multitalented lady in every sense of the word. A complete package, you can say, for she is not only an American R&B soloist or singer – she is also a songwriter, a music video director, a record producer, an actress, a dancer, and of course, a fashion designer. Beyonce was born in the city of Houston in Texas and rose to fame in the 1990's. It is here that she and her siblings were brought up. During this period Beyonce was one of the lead singers of

  • Andrew Jackson Informative Essay

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    Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America. President Jackson was known to have left a huge impact on America today. He had a ton of military successes, and pretty much laid down the foundation of the Democratic Party, but he was definitely not a nice man. President Jackson promoted slavery, took land from the natives, and he had a fiery attitude. To me, he was not a good president. Andrew Jackson was known to have “vetoed more bills than all presidents

  • Informative Essay On Paddleboard Fishing

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    If you've been looking for a challenge and exciting way to catch fish on your favorite lake or on the calm surface of the ocean, you might enjoy paddleboard fishing. Anyone who is a fan of kayak fishing will love this unique, yet interesting way to sneak up on fish in placid waters. What is Paddleboard Fishing? Instead of sitting in a kayak where you can only see partly under the surface of the water close to your kayak, a paddleboard gives you the advantage of height and distance so you can see

  • Informative Essay On Gun Violence

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    1: Well I would first do my research and bring up how gun violence may or may not affect the country. I would tell her that the position that she needs to take is against guns or stricter rules for gun ownership. It seems like everyday there is a school shooting or some sort of gun violence and with stricter rules and more screening of the gun applicants there would be less violence. 2: Hey everyone today I am talking about something that affects our world everyday and what that is; is gun violence

  • Racial Profiling Informative Essay

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    Chase Erickson Mr. Purdum English 2, Block 4 5 September 2014 Outline I. Introduction A. Profiling is beneficial in some ways, but it can go to far and hurt someone or a group of people. B. Background information: 1. Racial Profiling is a term that suggests officers are encouraged to stop, search, and investigate people based on race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. “While racial profiling is most commonly committed against ethnic minorities, many instances of racial profiling occur in reaction