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Guns are a significant component in American culture and many people enjoy using them for hunting, target practice and sport shooting. Gun ownership is legal in America with The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution stating that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" (U.S. Const. am. 2). Although Americans have the constitutional right to own a gun, being a responsible gun owner means one must comprehend precisely how a gun works, and the power the gun owner possesses. If the gun is not treated with the care and respect it deserves, it can become a serious hazard. Guns are dangerous weapons that lead to fatalities if misused, therefore it is crucial for gun owners to understand gun safety, how to…show more content…
If one does not know how to use a gun properly, they are putting themselves and others in danger. There are three critical rules to follow to maintain a safe environment while shooting a gun. Rule one is always to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Whether this be pointed downrange or straight up, a safe direction is the direction where there is no chance of injury if the gun unintentionally goes off. This rule protects people and avoids unnecessary disasters from occurring. The second rule is when operating a gun, one must make sure that their finger is not physically on the trigger until ready to fire the gun. This prevents accidentally firing the gun, potentially hitting an unwanted target, be it an animal or a person downrange. The last rule applies when one is not operating the gun or ready to use the gun. Rule three states that a gun must always be unloaded while not in use. This includes gun storage and is essential to keep children and uneducated adults from inadvertently shooting someone. Once gun safety is fully understood, the owner can proceed in learning how to operate the…show more content…
If you put a gun on the table and tell it to shoot, it is obviously not going to go off. However, a loaded gun, in inexperienced hands, is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, proper gun instruction is vital for owning and operating a gun. Before handling a gun, “learn how it operates. Know the basic parts, how to safely open and close the action and remove any ammunition from the gun or magazine” (NRA Gun Safety Rules 5). Armed with the knowledge of what the different parts of a gun are and how they function, make shooting a gun straightforward and safe. To fire a gun, pull the trigger. The trigger connects to a hammer, and after pulling the trigger, the hammer releases and strikes the firing pin, which in turn, strikes the primer. The primer is the cylindrical component at the end of the cartridge case that when struck, generates a spark which ignites the gunpowder, propelling the bullet out of the gun. The cartridge contains the primer, propellant and the bullet. This process may look different on various models of guns, for instance, a handgun has an exterior hammer which connects to the firing pin while rifles have an interior hammer that strikes the firing pin and is invisible to the naked eye. At any rate, the physical process is the same; pull the trigger, which releases the hammer, causing the firing pin to connect with the primer, expelling the bullet from the barrel of the gun. The barrel or bore, is the pipe or tube

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