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  • Women Entrepreneurship Case Study

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    Schemes: 1975, was announced as International year for women. In this decade, many voluntary agencies and the Government supported symposia, conferences and workshops to explained the importance of women entrepreneurship. These conferences and workshops gave impetus to improvement of women entrepreneurs. The important topics discussed were stratus of women entrepreneurs, women and nongovernmental efforts, governmental measures to promote self employment, participation of women in rural industries

  • Risk Management In Banking Sector Case Study

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    For this issue, the survey has been made. What motivated and inspired me to carry out this Research?. I have been working in the area of Management and also having good understanding and interest in Finance and Banking Sector particularly in Risk Management. This topic of research is relevant to my work, experience and knowledge and more important is that this topic is selected based on my special interest in “Risk Management in Banking Sector” in view

  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street Analysis

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    thought prices couldn’t get any higher there were those who were very desperate to get their hand on tulip- bulbs. People went as far as to barter their personal belongings such as land and furniture to acquire the bulbs that would increase their finances even more. However, just like the South Sea Bubble and the Wall Street Crash of 1929 prices began to decline and eventually returned to normal. This event seemed like an in the heat of the moment situation to me. It was clear that like all humans

  • Tax Reform In India

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    IMPACT OF SECURITIES TRANSACTION TAX AND OPTIMUM PORTFOLIO SELECTION OF COMPANIES LISTED IN NIFTY 50 INDEX. Introduction Many developing countries have embarked on tax reforms in recent years. Such reforms were motivated both by local factors as well as by rapid internationalization of economic activities. The need to correct fiscal imbalances and the transition from a centralized plan to a market economy were the important local factors hastening tax reforms. Difficulties in compressing expenditures

  • Bbm Case Study

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    financial sector. The policy was also to maintain a diversified, stronger and more reliable financial sector that would propel economic growth and industrial development of Nigeria. Through the policy was to ensure that the Financial Sector mobilize finances for the growth of the real sector of the nation’s economy as well as have a country with strong financial system to serve as the Financial Centre for African transactions and mobilize fund to support investment in Nigeria

  • Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Ratio Analysis

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    stockholder’s equity. This ratio indicates how much debt a company is using to finance its assets relative to the amount of value represented in shareholders’ equity. Most company is taking on debts as to increase its value by using borrowed money to fund various projects. A high debt/equity ratio generally means that a company has been aggressive in financing its growth with debt. If a lot of debt is used to finance increased operations, the company could potentially generate more earnings than

  • Advantage Of Cash In Business

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    In business the current assets includes cash. Cash is necessary for going concern. It should be kept sufficiently for meeting the obligation. In case shortage of cash occurs then it will slow down the operation of the business & in case any excess of it then it is unproductive. In assets, cash is more unproductive i.e. it doesn’t contribute anything to business, while fixed assets like plant, machinery etc. & in current assets such as inventory will add to business earning capacity. The money can

  • Socio-Cultural Analysis Of Myanmar

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    There is much to do if Myanmar is going to realise its potential and create a prosperous and inclusive society. The government is working very hard within extremely tight constraints in terms of its capacity, finances and time. Key considerations for the future should include ensuring delivery of the political and economic reforms so as to maintain the confidence and trust of its own people, local businesses and foreign investors. Local companies will experience

  • 3bros Berhad Working Capital Case Study

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    Hassan, Harjeet and Henry should raise the working capital through loan capital rather than share capital. Intention to expand the business, Hassan, Harjeet and Henry need to raise RM2 million working capital but none of them able to contribute any capital on right issue share for the expansion of business. However, 3Bros Berhad have a retail shop worth RM 3million in Pavilion as Restaurant 1Malaysia which in accordance with Section 21(1) and 21(2) Company Act 2016, company have full power to operate

  • Tourism And Economic Development

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    Introduction There are several different schools of thought regarding best practices for economic development. Economic development is understood as the improvement of societies quality of life and economic growth through job creation, increasing wealth and obtaining a stable tax base in order for the state to perform basic functions. Economic growth is one critical aspect of economic development. American sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein introduced the world systems theory, based on the capitalist