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  • Bank Insolvency Case Study

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    development of financial markets is the regulatory treatment of the insolvency of financial intermediaries. In modern times financial structure mostly rests on intermediaries, the scope and functions of them is increasing and enhancing. To rise finance intermediaries are becoming inevitable, companies rely on them for the huge gamut of services they render. This developments have affected the financial activities, have a impact on the functioning of securities markets and holding of securities by

  • The Importance Of Social Responsibility In Business

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    An example is project finance, for which HSBC reports for the first time the number and value of transactions approved and the number of transactions declined through applying the Equator Principles. There is also more information on how HSBC is working to become carbon neutral

  • Indian Financial System Case Study

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    ELEMENTS OF FINANCIAL SERVICES: CES -1 SUBMITTED TO: MR. ANUJ KUMAR SUBMITTED BY: Parul Mahajan BBA-V(D) 0151BBA231   Briefly explain the changes happened in Indian financial system after 1991? Also, describe the impact on financial service. The economic scene in the 1991 period has seen a sea change the end result being that economy has made enormous progress in diverse fields. There has been a quantitative expansion as well as diversification

  • Financial Performance Literature Review

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    2.1 Introduction This chapter reviews literature is examine on the financial performance and distress a case of Malaysian construction companies. And then, some model to solve the firms problem in financial. 2.2 Financial Performance Financial Performance is used to track and review an organization’s progress against its strategic plan and specific performance goals. While financial performance measures is important to drive a company or to individual projects to ensure that deadlines are met and

  • Gearing Theory Critical Review

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    the theories are widely being used in the current studies and industries. As for trade-off theory, it helps a firm to determine the most optimal debt-to-equity ratio which focuses on bankruptcy cost and debt, while pecking order theory helps the finance managers to maintain the control of the firm, and minimizing the cost of equity and agency problems which is a significant issue to be addressed in by financial practitioners in today corporate

  • Disadvantages Of Cash Flow Accounting

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    ows-175-4561/ Freedman J. (n.d.). Pros and Cons of Cash Flow Statement. Retrieved on November 21, 2015 from Gitman L. J. & Zutter C. J. (2015). Principles of Managerial Finance. (14th Ed.). Lakhotia G. (n.d.). Merits and Demerits of Cash Flow Statement. Retrieved on November 21, 2015 from Parikh V. (2012). Advantages and Disadvantages of Cash

  • Tax Reform In India

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    IMPACT OF SECURITIES TRANSACTION TAX AND OPTIMUM PORTFOLIO SELECTION OF COMPANIES LISTED IN NIFTY 50 INDEX. Introduction Many developing countries have embarked on tax reforms in recent years. Such reforms were motivated both by local factors as well as by rapid internationalization of economic activities. The need to correct fiscal imbalances and the transition from a centralized plan to a market economy were the important local factors hastening tax reforms. Difficulties in compressing expenditures

  • Tourism And Economic Development

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    Introduction There are several different schools of thought regarding best practices for economic development. Economic development is understood as the improvement of societies quality of life and economic growth through job creation, increasing wealth and obtaining a stable tax base in order for the state to perform basic functions. Economic growth is one critical aspect of economic development. American sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein introduced the world systems theory, based on the capitalist

  • Role Of Housing Finance

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    1). In housing finance terms, a mortgage is thus a contract charging an immovable property as security for the due repayment of a debt

  • Islamic Bank Case Study

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    Islamic Bank or sharia bank, here in after referred to as a bank, a bank that operates not by relying on the interest. Islamic Bank or commonly called the bank without interest, is a financial institution or banking operations and products developed based on the Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. In other words, Islamic bank are financial institutions that provide basic business financing and other services in interchange and the payment of money circulation, adjusted to Islamic law.