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  • Importance Of Financial System

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    The development and economic growth of any country depends upon a well-structured financial system, which helps in the formation of a capital. Financial System is a set of institutional arrangements through which financial surpluses in the economy are mobilised from surplus units and transferred to deficit spenders. The institutional arrangements include all conditions and mechanisms governing the production, distribution, exchange and holding of financial assets or instruments of all kinds and the

  • Financial Inclusion Importance

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    Role of financial inclusion in enlightening Indian financial system Dr. Vani laturkar and Miss. Jaya Muley School of Management Sciences, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathawada University, Nanded --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract: Now-a-days the topic of financial inclusion is standing as an emerging new model of economic intensification. Financial

  • Importance Of Venture Capital

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    VENTURE CAPITAL There will be entrepreneurs who will be technically qualified but they will not be having the required amount of capital to finance their business. Venture capital is a type of funding for a new or growing business. It usually comes from venture capital firms that specialize in building high risk financial portfolios. With venture capital, the venture capital firm gives funding to the startup company in exchange to the returns in the future. IMPORTANCE OF VENTURE CAPITAL FINANCING

  • Jollibee Investment Analysis Paper

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    BA 142: BUSINESS FINANCE 2 Investment Analysis   Brief Company Background Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is the Philippines’ largest Food Service business and is continuously expanding its presence in foreign countries. It has a System Wide Sales of P117.9 billion and a Net Income of P5.4 billion in 2014. JFC has a total store network of 2,951 stores worldwide as of March 31, 2015. In the Philippines, JFC’s store network totals to 2,335: Jollibee brand 869, Greenwich 216, Chowking 419, Red Ribbon

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Crowdfunding

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    equity crowdfunindg and marketing communication campaign, and eventually on the cross road of both topics, which exactly is the key topic of this study. First, the literature areas related to entrepreneurial financing includes bootstrapping, angel finance, bank loans public support, VC and private equity. These aspects all can be helpful in explaining crowdfunding. The amount of literature is enormous, but this paper will directly look at the crowdfuning, more specifically into the equity crowdfunding

  • The Pros And Cons Of The FASB

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    Accounting Standards Board) as, “Independent, US body responsible for establishing and interpreting the GAAP mainly for use in the United States. Its accounting standards, generally speaking, result in greater transparency and ease of analysis of a firm's finances than the accounting standards of several other countries. The comparable UK body is Accounting Standards Board (ASB).” Moreover, the major principle of the formation of the FASB is to establish recording guidelines for financial transactions and

  • Importance Of Indian Financial System

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    chapter will focus a clear idea about:  Meaning of Financial system  Classification of Financial system  To discuss on the financial instruments available for investment 1.2 FINANCIAL SYSTEM: “Financial system” includes two words Finance and System. Finance means the funds or money. The system includes all the bodies or institutions involved in the distribution of funds or in their proper utilization through some investment options. The financial system is a system which comprises of financial

  • Advantages Of Tawarruq

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    Introduction In Islamic banking, Tawarruq is the most well-known product in the field of finance sector. The ideas of Tawarruq origin from the perspectives of jurists who want to assist the development of Islamic economic, banking and finance. They are replacing the old concept which might lead into the serious problem in the economic to the society. Therefore, Islam has always produced an alternative product which allows individuals to raise money quickly without prohibited the theory of interest

  • Hand In Hand Case Study

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    State and society: Case- ‘Hand in Hand’ Date:- 1st November, 2015 Submitted by:- Prashant Dass Q 1:-What are the institutional voids/deficiencies highlighted by the case? The institutions played a crucial role in shaping and structuring the organization. These institutions define the rules that need to be inducted in order to get free flowing and sustainable growth. HiH made its inception in a country with a billion marks and where majority of the population thrives on the inefficiency of the institutions

  • Financial Education In The Philippines Essay

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    does not just involve acquiring a sufficient level for choosing among financial services, but also deciding literacy. This means that it is made by decision-making when you manage your finances. It is a choice whether you invest or spend your money. It is common sense for an individual to decide in managing finances. Atkinson (2008) points out the difficulty of measuring the effectiveness of financial education provided at school as the main measurable results appear in adulthood behavior. Financial