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  • Fiscal Decentralisation Theory

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    them from accessing the financial market. The first generation theory also suggests that local government should be given the space to manage and service their own debt, but in conjunction with transparent accounting arrangements for public sector finances (Vo,

  • Examples Of Fiscal Federalism

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    The requirement of competitiveness under a regime of economic liberalization thus made economic efficiency an imperative. Fiscal correction and consolidation however, requires reforming fiscal federalism, since the public finances of the center and states were inextricably linked. In these distinctive ways, the impact of economic liberalization stretched into the arena of fiscal federalism. Change in fiscal federalism is not altogether absent prior to economic liberalization

  • Motivation For Returning To School

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    Motivation My primary motivation for returning to school is my children. I owe it to them as their father to provide the best life for them that I can. Another motivator for me is my wife, who is also starting college. We motivate each other to do the best that we can do to provide a better life for our children. Purpose My purpose for working towards a degree is simple, a better future for my family and I. This is a necessary step in order to break the cycle in which my wife and I were brought

  • Becoming President: Should Bernie Sanders Become President

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    The topic I am going to go over is why Bernie Sanders should become president. He has a long history of sticking with his message. Bernie doesn’t say one thing and do another. He’s a real family values candidate. He is also a proud socialist who calls out on Republican falsities. Bernie won’t use corporate contributions and is running an issue-base, clean campaign. Bernie believes we should create an immigration system that invites greater innovation, diversity, and economic opportunity for both

  • Pros And Cons Of Venture Capital

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    partners and the fund manager. The basic intermediation structure of venture capital and private equity funds is graphically summarized in Figure 1. Figure.1 Venture Capital Financial Intermediation Venture capital is a specific form of industrial finance(part

  • Impact Of Globalization

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    ASSIGNMENT International Finance and Financial Risk Management Aditi Chanani BBA- VI-C 0151BBA013 Impact of Globalization There are many implications of globalization on national economy. Globalization has great interdependence and competition between economies in the world market. Globalization in India had a positive impact on the overall growth rate of the economy. This is major improvement give that India’s growth rate in the 1970 was very low at 3% and GDP growth in countries

  • Swot Analysis Of NIBL

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    2.1 Introduction of company/organization Bank in general is meant an institution established by law, which deals with money and credit. So it deals with money, receiving it on deposits from customers, honoring customers drawing against such deposits on demand, collecting cheques for customers and lending or investing surplus deposit until they are required for repayment. “The banker’s business is to take the debts of other people, to offer his own in exchange and thereby create money”. Crowthier

  • Kanishka Bombing Case Study

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    Shilpa Rathi Amit Singh Asian Canadian Literature 20th April 2015 Journey from Komagata Maru to Kanishka Bombing: Changing Face and the Changing Role of Diaspora in a Globalized World and its Foreign Policy Implications “If my story paves way for repetition of any such single inequality being impossible, on any one in the future, I shall die in happiness to know that I have done my duty”. ---Gurdit Singh Sarhali Prime Minister Stephen Harper maneuvered to become the champion of minority rights

  • Singapore Financial System Analysis

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    economy. Singapore financial system simplifies the flow of funds from the areas of surplus to the areas of deficit. Singapore financial system allows lenders and borrowers to exchange funds. The financial system is concerned about money, credit and finance-the three terms are intimately related yet are somewhat different from each other. Singapore

  • Urbanization In Automobile Industry

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    Today’s society is warm with urbanization and demonstration effect. With a view towards it, there are drastic changes coming up in all sectors even in the automobile industries. The following information gives an insight about it. In the present context the companies operate on the principle of natural selection –“Survival Of The Fittest”. Only those companies will succeed which at best match to the current environmental imperatives – those who can deliver what people are ready to buy. But real marketing