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  • Essay About Globalization In Lebanon

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    Globalization is a worldwide tendency to financial, economic, and communicational integration between countries that surpasses the barriers that slow or prevent interconnections, businesses, and trades between those countries which increases the world’s performance as a whole. It supports developing countries to grow and therefore catch up to other industrialized countries through various methods such as trade, employment, communication, and modern technology. It also boosts the cultural coherence

  • Bernard Lawrence Madoff: Greed Over Ethics?

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    Madoff: Greed over Ethics? Bernard Lawrence Madoff is a former American stockbroker, investment advisor and financier that surprised the world of finance when it was uncovered that he had been operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history for near two decades. The fraud worth approximately 65 billion dollars ruined the lives of many who had trusted Madoff with their money and admired him as successful, charismatic, smart and exceptionally good at his job. Some even considered him as a hero, including

  • World War Essay: The Evolution Of Civil Peace In Germany

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    The Evolution of Civil Peace in Germany World War I began on July 28th, 1914. Not long after, the German Reichstag agreed to financially back the war. Along with this, Germany announced a “civil peace”, where citizens would put aside their issues and join the war effort in order for a quick victory. In 1914, the concept of civil peace was met by support, yet as the war waged on people began to get more angry and further fed up by the idea. World War 1 began on July 28th, 1914 and Germany went

  • Speech: Children Are Our Tomorrow: Our Future

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    Children are our tomorrow - our future. Bright faces that I see here today receiving prizes and evincing their talents will be the citizens of tomorrow. They may tomorrow grow up to be Einsteins, Edisons, Gandhis, Abdul Kalams & Ananda Krishnans or they may just turn out to be a burden on the society, stragglers in the race of life waiting for someone to give them a job. What our children are going to be in future is what we make of them. The talents they demonstrate here are the proof that they

  • Aspiration: My Goals And Goals For My Future

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    scam you and how college loans are very important to be paid on time can really help young people for their future. Becoming an accountant will allow me to help others not get tangled up in this web. As a budget analyst, I could organize all the finances for a business. I could help a company not go into debt by stating the important facts about how their money is spent and ways to save money. In either career, I would like to enjoy working at it and always do my best. The more successful I become

  • Importance Of Entrepreneurship

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    The word entrepreneur is originated from the French word “entrepredre” which means, “to undertake”.The Frenchmen who organized and led military expeditions in the early 16th century were called as “entrepreneur”. An entrepreneur is a person who is engaged in production activities and makes certain payments to owners of production in factories in expectation of uncertain receipts and is bearing non-insurable risks1. An entrepreneur is one who uses innovation to maximize his profits. He also uses

  • Liberalism In The Cold War

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    Introduction: Although the Cold War seems to be an ideological rivalry between the capitalism and capitalism, it accidentally catalyzes a great myriad of transnational cooperation and the reinvention of liberalism. Liberalism has evolved to be a dominant political ideology, neoliberalism, since 1970s. The notion of neoliberalism is that transnational institutions are conducive to global changes, harmony and prosperity through launching international programme. Differed from other theories solely

  • Antigone Reflection

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    Creon declared that she would be punished even if she was his niece. Creon sent Antigone to a life of banishment. The blind prophet Teiresias convinced Creon to release Antigone, but when they reached her cave she had killed herself. Haimon, the finance of Antigone and son of Creon, was struck with grief and killed himself. Creon felt terrible for what he had done, but was still not willing to take blame for what he had done. When Creon

  • ICT In Education

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    The desire to change stems not only from the demands of the improved quality of life, but also from the pressing need to be active participants in the fast changing world as a staple and as ration in the 21st century. (Rajaraman, 2012). It is necessary that administrators should take less conservative role and explore the technological advances of computers. The increase in the use of computer technology in today’s management has an effort to the future benefits in all areas of society (Williams

  • My Values In My Life

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    On November 3rd 1975, I was born to Mrs. Isuara Gongora and Mr. Enrique Gongora at the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town. Even though I come from a large family, I was raised with much love and affection, yet discipline was also part of the day. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I treasure so many childhood moments of joy that I can remember. I was lucky to have a united family that provided with unconditional support and love. Through their example and guidance, my parents instilled