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  • Importance Of Financial System

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    The development and economic growth of any country depends upon a well-structured financial system, which helps in the formation of a capital. Financial System is a set of institutional arrangements through which financial surpluses in the economy are mobilised from surplus units and transferred to deficit spenders. The institutional arrangements include all conditions and mechanisms governing the production, distribution, exchange and holding of financial assets or instruments of all kinds and the

  • Advantages Of Tawarruq

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    Introduction In Islamic banking, Tawarruq is the most well-known product in the field of finance sector. The ideas of Tawarruq origin from the perspectives of jurists who want to assist the development of Islamic economic, banking and finance. They are replacing the old concept which might lead into the serious problem in the economic to the society. Therefore, Islam has always produced an alternative product which allows individuals to raise money quickly without prohibited the theory of interest

  • Edelweiss Capital Limited Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION EDELWEISS CAPITAL LIMITED Edelweiss capital limited is listed amongst the India’s leading provider of financial services. The range of services offered varies from providing investment banking, institutional equities, private client broking, asset management and investment advisory services, wealth management, insurance broking and wholesale financing services to large firms and individuals SUCCESS STORY Rakish Shah, a Gujarati businessman was the first one in his family to study in

  • The Importance Of Money Management

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    The management of personal finances is highly important if you want to succeed in your life and ensure that you are able to achieve all your financial objectives. There are many aspects of running your personal finances in the right way and it is always important to keep learning the new tips and tricks that come out all the time. One of the best ways to perform money management is to use a number of tools that allow you to create financial plans and then you need to back them up with financial activity

  • J & K Bank Case Study

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    This network even assesses the assets which are worth to be accepted by the bank as a security against the finance provided. b) Use of technology Fully computerisation of the branches have made the management of NPAs very efficient and effective. In 2011 System Level Asset Classification (SLAC) was incorporated by the bank making its systems more efficient. Bank

  • Real Estate Finance Case Study

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    To talk about my preliminary interest in real estate finance, I must go back to the time when the development of real estate industry in China started to accelerate in the first decade of the new millennium. During my teenage years, I witnessed the real estate industry enjoyed a huge boom and exerted great influence on the daily life of normal people. The real estate industry became an important mainstay of the national economy and the investment in this industry, for the ordinary citizens, was

  • Debt Finance Case Study

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    There are many advantages of debt financing, including that it can finance any business regardless its type and size. Moreover, there are special programs which are designed to open a path for any type of entrepreneurs. If VeD chooses debt financing, then it will have a wide range of option to borrow debt, rather than bank

  • Equity Finance Case Study

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    Q1. A Equity Finance Equity finance is a way of gathering or raising new capital through sales of additional shares to existing shareholders or selling shares of the company to the public, financial institution or institutional investors. • Internal Equity Finance – In Internal finance, money is mostly raised by owner of the small business or sometimes by shareholders. It is when a Sole proprietor or Sole trader does not take profit out as drawings, and in fact uses the profit as savings to reinvests

  • Case Study Of Hindustan Steelwork Construction Limited

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    process is to match risks and corresponding returns to the parties most capable of successfully managing them. For example, fixed-price, turnkey contracts for construction. 4. Costly- Raising capital through project finance is generally more costly than through typical corporate finance avenues. The greater need for information, monitoring and contractual agreements increases the transaction costs. Furthermore, it can reduce the liquidity of the project’s debt. Margins for project financings also often

  • Micro Finance Case Study

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    NABARD has defined micro finance as follows: “Micro finance is all about provision of thrift, credit and other financial services and products of very small amount to the poor in rural, semi urban and urban areas for enabling them to raise their standard of living.” UN declared the year 2005 as year of micro credit since the policy makers of UN supported the view that micro finance is an instrument to fight against poverty. According to Nobel Committee, micro finance can help the people to break