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  • Ponzi Perpetrators Case Study Solution

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    Usually, the existing investors would be paid from the money collected by new investors, this cycle would continue to exist as long as there is sufficient finance. In the offline world, many identical schemes are still operating for more than 150 years and are refers to Ponzi schemes following the famous man Charles Ponzi who deceived thousands of people in 1919. Although these schemes are unlawful there is

  • Bank Insolvency Case Study

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    development of financial markets is the regulatory treatment of the insolvency of financial intermediaries. In modern times financial structure mostly rests on intermediaries, the scope and functions of them is increasing and enhancing. To rise finance intermediaries are becoming inevitable, companies rely on them for the huge gamut of services they render. This developments have affected the financial activities, have a impact on the functioning of securities markets and holding of securities by

  • Edelweiss Capital Limited Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION EDELWEISS CAPITAL LIMITED Edelweiss capital limited is listed amongst the India’s leading provider of financial services. The range of services offered varies from providing investment banking, institutional equities, private client broking, asset management and investment advisory services, wealth management, insurance broking and wholesale financing services to large firms and individuals SUCCESS STORY Rakish Shah, a Gujarati businessman was the first one in his family to study in

  • The Importance Of Social Responsibility In Business

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    An example is project finance, for which HSBC reports for the first time the number and value of transactions approved and the number of transactions declined through applying the Equator Principles. There is also more information on how HSBC is working to become carbon neutral

  • Indian Financial System Case Study

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    ELEMENTS OF FINANCIAL SERVICES: CES -1 SUBMITTED TO: MR. ANUJ KUMAR SUBMITTED BY: Parul Mahajan BBA-V(D) 0151BBA231   Briefly explain the changes happened in Indian financial system after 1991? Also, describe the impact on financial service. The economic scene in the 1991 period has seen a sea change the end result being that economy has made enormous progress in diverse fields. There has been a quantitative expansion as well as diversification

  • Financial Performance Literature Review

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    2.1 Introduction This chapter reviews literature is examine on the financial performance and distress a case of Malaysian construction companies. And then, some model to solve the firms problem in financial. 2.2 Financial Performance Financial Performance is used to track and review an organization’s progress against its strategic plan and specific performance goals. While financial performance measures is important to drive a company or to individual projects to ensure that deadlines are met and

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of FDI

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    In the empirical section, brief literature review will be provided by some authors who will try to demonstrate the benefits as well as the weaknesses associated with FDI for various countries. Most studies have taken into consideration variables related to capital, trade openess, labour cost, human capital and technology. 2.1.1 Theroretical Background In this section, many theories have been designed to help in shaping the concept of FDI. Studies have shown that theories of FDI had evolved through

  • Literature Review On Cross Border Insolvency

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    F. LITERATURE REVIEW BOOKS 1. PRASAD G. GODBOLE, MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING 81 (1st ed. 2009). The process of corporate restructuring is applicable in the cases of cross border insolvency. Though there is inadequacy of substantive laws with regard to restructuring in the instances of cross border insolvency, there is a provision in the Companies Act, 2013 providing a good base to cross border merger and amalgamations. Section 234 of Companies Act, 2013 mentions that the scheme

  • Disadvantages Of Mutual Fund Investment

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    People often invest in several investment plans. Their choice of plans depends on their income and investment objectives. Individuals falling high in the income category often prefer tax-saving instruments along with high risk high-reward investment options. On the other hand, people with moderate incomes prefer plans that offer both tax-saving and decent returns in the long-run. Mutual fund investments are best for such individuals. Mutual Funds: Mutual fund investments invest money in the stock

  • Airasia Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION AirAsia Berhad is part of the AirAsia Group, is a world most famous low cost airline that operates wide networks both domestically and internationally. AirAsia lead the way low cost airfares in Asia and is now currently the largest low fare, no-frills airline in Asia. It is also one of the largest airlines in all of Asia in terms of passengers carried. AirAsia has also been voted the World’s Best Low Cost Airline in 2009 and 2010. AirAsia Berhad is currently based