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  • Al Hilal Bank Case Study

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    Banking market situation in UAE at the time of Al Hilal’s launch On December 22nd, 2010, Al Hilal Bank (government-owned Islamic Bank in the UAE) was voted “Best Retail Bank” by the registered readers of the magazine Islamic Business and Finance. However, two and a half years earlier, Al Hilal Bank entered the market amidst a global financial crisis. It was a huge step taken by the shareholders as they saw an opportunity in what was the most uncertain financial environment since the 1930s, whereas

  • Commercial Bank Profitability Case Study

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    commercial benks, development financial institutions (FDI), microfinance banks (MFBs), non banking finance companies (NBFCs) like as leasing companies , investment banks, discount house, housing finance companies, venture capital companies, mutual funds etc. and other modarabas, stock exchange and insurance companies. The supervisory responsibilities in case of banks, development finance institutions and micro finance banks under the prevalent legislative structure that falls within legal ambit of state bank

  • Infrastructure Development In India

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    The infrastructure development is a critical part of an economy. A well developed physical infrastructure provides efficient services, enhances competitiveness and pave the way for strong economic growth. Infrastructure includes transportation, power, sanitation and health facilities, water supply, education etc which has a direct impact on the quality of life. Infrastructure bottlenecks have been a major impediment to growth in India as the existing infrastructure base is lagging behind when compared

  • Mutual Funds Case Study

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    Guidelines by the Government The Government of India has come out with comprehensive guidelines governing the formation and operations of all mutual funds and the SEBI has been vested with wide ranging statutory powers to oversee the constitution and working of mutual funds. These guidelines are: 1. All mutual funds shall be authorized for business by the SEBI and operated only by separate asset management companies. 2. Mutual funds can invest only in transferable security in the money and capital

  • Financial Literacy: The Importance Of Financial Education

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    aggregate responsibility for their own lives and plan for their future. Managing money is one of the most significant and challenging features of everyday living. All organization, irrespective of its size or ownership pattern, has to manage its finances. The overall purposes of an organization cannot be accomplished in the absence of financial management. Various organizations flop in their objectives because of financial mismanagement. Therefore, financial management is vital for all types of organizations

  • Orix Corporation Case Study

    893 Words  | 4 Pages In Year 1972, Orix Leasing Singapore Limited “ORIX SINGAPORE” was incorporated in Singapore providing corporate financing to industries such as Shipping, Medical, Retail and Transportation etc. Being a trusted finance provider company with a long history, ORIX also went into a joint venture with

  • Credit Suisse Case Study

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    Financial institutions like Credit Suisse trade in variety of financial instruments. This exposes these institutions to various types of risks. It is the responsibility of Risk Management group within the organization to identify, measure, and then drive the management of the risks. At Credit Suisse, Risk Measurement & Management (RMM) is responsible for risk management. The group is divided into 3 subgroups • Credit Risk Management • Risk Analytics & Reporting (RAR) • Strategic Risk Management

  • Importance Of Financial Innovation

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    2-5). It is commonly known that financial and technical innovations are bound together and they evolve together over a time. As on the one side, the financial innovations provide mechanism to finance innovative technological projects when traditional sources of funds are unavailable due to high investment risk. And on the other hand, the technological and economic progress resulting in the higher complexity of business processes and new types

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Green Bonds

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    Climate Change is one of the 21st century’s major challenges, and now a financial instrument “Green Bonds” is making it easier for companies and investors to do their part in helping the environment. It is a bond that is issued by a government or a company that promises a return in the future with interest to invest in projects and only projects that are environmentally friendly. Green bonds, or otherwise known as Climate Bonds, have seen a rise in the bond market since 2007, with more private and

  • Roles Of Forensic Accounting

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    Forensic Accounting’s main role is preparing statements that’s suitable to be presented in court depending on the auditing, investigation and accounting skills. It is a practice that emphasis the use of accounting skills to investigate fraud in the corporates and organizations, and analyze information drawn from such investigations for the purposes of use in legal proceedings. There are a common confusion between forensic accounting and forensic auditing. Forensic auditing displays a system of engagements