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  • Islamic Banking Advantages

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    fulfil the needs of banking system by Muslims that are in-compliance with the Islamic law (Shari’ah) as noted in one article that “Islamic law reflects the commands of God and this regulates all the various aspects of a Muslim’s life and hence Islamic finance is directly involved with spiritual values and social justices” (“Islamic Banking”, p. 2). Islamic banks have been growing rapidly since the last few decades not only in Islamic countries but also in European countries in which Muslims are minority

  • Disadvantages Of Equity Finance

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    services. Equity finance provides that leverage to the management to continuously focus on fulfilling their core objectives. It keeps management away from the hassles of raising funds again and again like other sources of financing viz. debt. Debt is raised and paid back over a period of time. NO OBLIGATORY DIVIDEND PAYMENTS Equity finance for a new company is like blessings of an angel. The main limitation of a new company is the uncertainty of cash flows. Equity mode of finance gives management

  • Sukuk Literature Review

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    2.1 Definition of Sukuk Certificates of equal value that represent an undivided interest in the ownership of an underlying asset (both tangible and intangible), usufruct, services or investments in particular projects or special investment activities is the definition of Sukuk according to the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Institution (AAIOFI). The Securities Commission Malaysia defines Sukuk as a certificate or financial document which represents the value of an asset evidencing

  • Examples Of Groupthink In Decision Making

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    Groupthink – The way of making decisions within a group which often results in poor quality decision making. This occurs when people take to the beliefs /views of others without any intellectual reason. Herding – Even when you’re unsure of the situation and only have substantial knowledge, you assume that others have a clearer view of so you follow them, leading to what is known as the bandwagon effect. There are many reasons these may occur such as, wanting similar profits as competitors and in

  • Finance Commission Function

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    the center . The Finance Commission Act of 1951 states the terms of Qualification , appointment and disqualification , the term , eligibility and the power of the finance commission . As per the constitution , the commission is appointed every five years and consists of a chairman and four other members . Since the constitution of the first finance commission , stack changes have occurred in the Indian Economy causing chages in the macroeconomic scenario . The functions of the Finance Commission are

  • Swot Analysis Of Commercial Bank

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    focus, service differentiation, diversification, cross- selling ability, and governance and risk control. Also BOC has a higher number of resources such as Buildings, Machines (ATM, Etc.) Vehicles, Furniture and fittings, Land, Office Equipment's Finance Assets, Cash accounts, stocks, bonds Knowledge, Skills, Service than other banks according to the researches. BOC also help the country in its development process, for example the Bank has launched units such as an Islamic Banking Unit and Investment

  • Parmalat Case Study: The Enron Of Europe

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    company came to light with the discovery of $14bn in its finances that could not be accounted for. The scandal has also come to be known as the Enron of Europe. The scandal brought down the company and its senior executives, blue chip European and American banks, accountancy firms and 130,000 shareholders following the discovery of the scandal in 2003. Details of the Case The details of how the company came to be a giant and how its fraudulent finances were noticed

  • Women Entrepreneurship Case Study

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    Schemes: 1975, was announced as International year for women. In this decade, many voluntary agencies and the Government supported symposia, conferences and workshops to explained the importance of women entrepreneurship. These conferences and workshops gave impetus to improvement of women entrepreneurs. The important topics discussed were stratus of women entrepreneurs, women and nongovernmental efforts, governmental measures to promote self employment, participation of women in rural industries

  • Risk Management In Banking Sector Case Study

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    For this issue, the survey has been made. What motivated and inspired me to carry out this Research?. I have been working in the area of Management and also having good understanding and interest in Finance and Banking Sector particularly in Risk Management. This topic of research is relevant to my work, experience and knowledge and more important is that this topic is selected based on my special interest in “Risk Management in Banking Sector” in view

  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street Analysis

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    thought prices couldn’t get any higher there were those who were very desperate to get their hand on tulip- bulbs. People went as far as to barter their personal belongings such as land and furniture to acquire the bulbs that would increase their finances even more. However, just like the South Sea Bubble and the Wall Street Crash of 1929 prices began to decline and eventually returned to normal. This event seemed like an in the heat of the moment situation to me. It was clear that like all humans