Women Entrepreneurship Case Study

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Schemes: 1975, was announced as International year for women. In this decade, many voluntary agencies and the Government supported symposia, conferences and workshops to explained the importance of women entrepreneurship. These conferences and workshops gave impetus to improvement of women entrepreneurs. The important topics discussed were stratus of women entrepreneurs, women and nongovernmental efforts, governmental measures to promote self employment, participation of women in rural industries, development of appropriate technology, role of consultancy and training and role of financial institutions. By constant endeavor and by creating awareness, there is an ocean of changes in the scenario of Women Entrepreneurship and enlarged their…show more content…
RMK is the most significant intervention launched in 1993; the primary objective is to see the credit needs of the poor asset less women, mostly in the informal sector. To help out large number of weaker sections, banks have introduced novel approaches / innovations such as formation of Self Help Groups Bank Linkage Program (SBLP) of weaker sections, specially of women and including in them the habit of regular savings and rotating the savings amongst them for productive as also non productive purposes and thereby creating awareness for regular repayments. It helps the poorest of the poor and takes an indirect route, raises the voice of the poor people and eventually puts them in a better position for a more direct approach and eradicates gender bias.…show more content…
The bank continues to lay emphasis on encouraging women entrepreneurs. c) Bank of India: Bank of India is one of the nationalized banks. It introduced a special scheme i.e., “Priyadarshini Yojana” in 1995 to progress women entrepreneurship. The scheme includes SSI undertakings are Handicrafts worker, Village and Cottage Industries, Small Business, Self-employed, Retail Traders, Agriculture and Related Activities, Self Help Groups etc. d) PNB Women Empowerment Campaign: Punjab National Bank has extended their cooperation towards women and their development through financial relaxations, low interest rates, little partial waiver of processing fee, easy terms of credit, giving better facilities and advances irrespective of under “Mahila Sahaktikaran Abhiyan

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