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  • Trade Off Theory Of Capital Structure

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    of return and are protected by contractual obligation. As financial capital is an undetermined but critical resource for all firms, suppliers of the finance are able to apply control over firms. the two major classes of financing for a business are debt and equity. The contractual obligations order about what return is to be paid for the finance and when it is due. Equity holders are the residual claimants of all the business’ returns, posture most

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ceo

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    PART A Do you think finance departments are the best place to train future CEOs? Now in companies, the CEO position is getting replace by CFO post. The Chief Financial Officer now performs many important activities that mainly includes handling a controlling the cash flow, by taking into account the company’s liabilities and understanding it and in raising the capital which revolves around the company’s financial department. The main objective of any CFO is to look upon the profitability of the

  • Summary Of Internship

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    Internship increase exposure of students to various fields that increase their knowledge which they can utilize in their studies. As I learned theoretical concepts in the class, concept of debt and credit and also perform different numerical of finance all those standard formats of financial statements which I had learned in my classes was correlated with my internship activities because all the financial institutions follow the same standard format of financial statements taught by my teachers

  • Inclusive Growth Exclusion

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    Abstract-Inclusive growth is much needed to include common people into the orbit of development. Social and economic justice can be provided only with the inclusion of hitherto excluded deprived section of people. Lot of measures was undertaken by the Government of India and Reserve bank of India together to mitigate the problem of financial exclusion. It leads to particularly, development of all sections of people. To achieve this multi-model approach was adapted. Service Area approach, priority

  • Bnm Case Study

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    As a part of financial system, BNM acts as a vital organization which provides a conducive environment for the sustainable growth of the Malaysian economy. One of the most important functions played by BNM is issuing currency. In order to issue currency, BNM shall arrange for the printing of currency notes and stamping of coins. Besides, BNM will also issue, re-issue as well as exchange notes and coins at its office and other permitted agencies. On top of that, safe custody of unissued stocks of

  • Cimb Bank And Affin Bank Case Study

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    in a variety of normal and stress conditions. Results showed that the measurement of liquidity is included in the assessment of the bank's cash inflows and outflows of liquidity on asset valuations to identify the potential for lack of funds. In finance, liquidity management takes one of two forms based on the definition of liquidity and the type of liquidity refers to the ability to trade assets, such as stocks or bonds at current prices. Large organizations such as financial institutions, banks

  • Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme Case Study

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    The Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS) was launched in late-September of 2012-13 which was announced by the then Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the 2012-13 speech. It is initiative that aims to bring in millions of first-time investors into stock markets by offering tax incentives. This will bring the savings of the urban and semi-urban middle class into turn equities as an attractive alternative to gold and cash. Here are some details on the scheme: 1. The scheme is open only to first

  • Sukuk Case Study

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    Sukuk have become increasingly popular as one of the long-term financial instrument as the vital vehicles for resource mobilizations for raising funds that feasible and viable shariah-compliant whether in the public or private sector. The first corporate sukuk issuance in Malaysia was Shell MDS Sdn. Bhd., a non-Islamic corporation in 1990 and in 2002, the government issued the first global sovereign sukuk, raising US$600 million. Due to the consistent growth in the issuance of sukuk, Malaysia has

  • Persuasive Essay About Budgeting

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    Everybody wants a big house with nice cars right? These things everybody fantasizes about but the majority of people would confess that they can’t see themselves in the position to own such deluxe items. The reasoning for this is they may not be financially stable, living paycheck to paycheck, or just think the money they’re bringing in just isn’t enough. America is currently a little over twenty trillion in debt, and one of the best ways to get out of debt is to create a spending plan (“U.S. National

  • The Importance Of Accounting Standards

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    Accounting standards are an integral part of the accounting process. If properly implemented, they can create business expansion and facilitate the flow of user-friendly information to several different users including investors, banks, regulators and the public. This is a cyclical process and if accounts of a business are properly prepared in accordance with accounting standards, it encourages confidence in the business and this in turn boosts trade. In order to allow investors to make informed