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1.4.6 SUMMARY OF LEARNING: An internship is a type of learning through experience that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical work and skills development in a professional setting. From this internship program I know about my strengths and weaknesses and know about the working of financial institutions . Internship gives students the opportunity to gain experience and make connections in professional fields that are considering for career paths. Skills and qualifications gained from the internship I considered Askari bank for my internship program after the careful consideration. This internship provided me the opportunity to learn about the working of banking. During 6 weeks internship I learned practical…show more content…
Internship increase exposure of students to various fields that increase their knowledge which they can utilize in their studies. As I learned theoretical concepts in the class, concept of debt and credit and also perform different numerical of finance all those standard formats of financial statements which I had learned in my classes was correlated with my internship activities because all the financial institutions follow the same standard format of financial statements taught by my teachers like income statement, balance sheet and all other financial statements. Without a concept one cannot perform their work properly so classroom work is as much important as the practical work to enter in the professional world. Overall my internship at Askari bank has been a success. I was able to gain practical knowledge in the excellent environment. This internship taught me a lot of things and also got me to explore my own interests. I also build professional relationships with supervisors that will help me in future for getting a job. 2.…show more content…
This internship program gives me an opportunity to experience practically the theoretical learning and prepare myself to become a responsible and innovative employee in the future. During my internship in the bank I realize the main element is to observe the working of others as an internee to get know how about nature of their work and about the customer’s importance toward the banking sector. From this program I learnt how to be patient and handle any unwanted sort of situation. My communication skill is strengthening by communicating with employees and the customers. I am able to meet and network with so many people and know how to tackle them. This program enhances my qualification abilities and polishes my practical work. This experience will help me in career counseling and always favors me in practical field. The Askari bank is becoming first choice of customers but the attitude of employees with their customers is not same. All customers should be treated equally because they are asset for the organization. To provide friendly environment the discrimination that exists between old and new employees should be eliminated so that new employees sort out their queries without any hesitation and give 100%

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