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  • Role Of Housing Finance

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    1). In housing finance terms, a mortgage is thus a contract charging an immovable property as security for the due repayment of a debt

  • Plc Case Study

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    Central Investment & Finance PLC Background Ownership Central Investment & Finance Limited was established in 1966 by Mr Hinni Appuhami, the founder of Maliban Biscuits & remained as a family owned company for about four decades. In 2004, 74.5% stake of the company was acquired by Aspic Corporation (Private) Limited, a diversified Investment Management company. At the time of Acquisition, CIFL had a deposit base of Rs. 30 million & an accumulated loss of Rs. 12 million. CIFL was acquired with the

  • Factors Influencing Banking

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    by housing and retail sectors. In recent years, finance and economics literature has shown increasing interest in the determinants of business firms’ stock price synchronicity. However, precisely what factors influence stock

  • Importance Of Micro Finance

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    and 60 percent depend on agriculture (according to the World Bank reports), micro-finance can play a vital role in providing financial services to the poor and low income individuals. Microfinance is the form of a broad range of financial services such as deposits, loans, payment services, money transfers, insurance, savings, micro-credit etc. to the poor and low income individuals. The importance of micro-finance in the developing economies like India can not be undermined, where a large size of

  • Deutsche Bank Case Study

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    1. Deutsche Bank Business Overview Deutsche Bank (DB) was founded in 1870 on the basis of foreign trade. With the opening of three international branches in Japan, China and the United Kingdom within three years after initial operations. The bank had funded a number of large-scale industrial projects such as the Germany’s electrical engineering industry and the building of the Baghdad Railway from 1903 to 1940. The bank was challenged by inflation, war and other global crisis in the first half of

  • Disadvantages Of Creative Accounting

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    Creative accounting has been examined in numerous scholarly papers yet there is no formal concurred definition because of the reality there are distinctive discernments and understandings of what creative accounting envelops. Creative accounting is by and large the European expression and has been characterised as a procedure by which management exploit crevices or ambiguities in accounting standards to present a one-sided picture of financial performance, by Balaciu et al (2009). It doesn't break

  • Examples Of Global Financial Scenario

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    Current Global Financial Scenario: Domestic financial conditions in a globally integrated financial system: Financial conditions broadly reflect how easy it is to obtain financing. Going beyond short-term interest rates, they summarize information about the price and non-price (such as terms and conditions) costs of credit for various agents in the economy. Other definitions of financial conditions look at how financial variables relate to economic decision making and therefore future economic activity

  • Rappler Business Model Essay

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    In your understanding of the case, describe the business model of Rappler. Rappler is purely a click company with very little brick presence in the real world, unlike traditional and news outfits like ABS-CBN and GMA. A business model is a description of how your business operate and make money. It is a detailed business plan a company use to reach the target. Alexander Osterwalder, co-author of the book Business Model Generation, defines a business model as “a description of the value a company

  • Compare And Contrast 5 Different Strategies For Investing In Securities Case Study

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    Describe the basic rights of common stockholders. What are the key differences between common and preferred stock? Common stock is the basic form of ownership in a corporation. Their rights are voting rights, right to dividends, capital gains, preemptive right, and right to a residual claim on assets. Preferred stock is gives its holder performance over common stockholders. 2. Describe the basic features and characteristics of bonds. How can bonds be secured? Explain why bonds carry a certain risk

  • Aggregate Demand Analysis

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    QUESTION 2. Aggregate demand refers to the total demand for services and goods in the economy. The components of the Aggregate demand are:- 1. Household consumption demand It basically refers to the ability and willingness of the household to purchase goods and services in the economy. A household needs goods like furniture’s, cooking utensils; clothes complimented by services such as health services to survive. A high demand for this goods and services will increase the Aggregate Demand in the