Early Christian Art

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Roman, Early Christian and Islamic Mysticism Art is developed and portrayed in various form, it enables people to see the different cultures within the world and answer questions to things we might not have particularly understood. In Art, whether it may be Roman, Early Christian or Islamic Art forces the audience to think and explore the story behind it. All three arts provide similarities and differences which will be debated throughout this essay but one certainty is that they all provide their influences and have be vehicles for the changing of how people think. The important thing about these particular styles of Art is to understand where they developed their ideas from, and which items helped influences the way that the Art was presented.…show more content…
Early Christian Art showed similar style to the ones of the roman and they wanted to avoid being exposed to different forms of persecution. The Early Christians art focused on telling a story and using symbolic styles to create significant meaning behind it. In the visual aspect of the art, it contains a more fattened space than the roman art which was evidently more three dimensional. By Roman art being three dimensional it allowed it to show a more imaginary world and help emphasize the size and power of the gods, whereas the Early Christian art was a bit more realistic. One thing you notice whilst looking at Early Christian art is that it difficult to identify the settings for its figures. The main imagery appears to be levitating in the center of the pieces, whilst the background is filled with many colors. One of the main differences with Early Christian art is that it mainly focused on simplicity and often through their images you see the inclusion of the fish, which was the main symbol in early times before the Christ. The reasons for the symbolisms changing in Christianity, is that the design of the art continuously differed and changed depending on the king at that particular times preference. So if the king at the time didn’t like the previous Art, then he would order it to change and people would create different art. This helped develop and helped the continuous advancement of the early Christian art. Some people may see Christian as an umbrella term for many Christian groups. One of the earliest and documented groups is ‘The byzantine” which was very different to the Catholic Church. Even though Byzantine Empire was considered Christian, they strive to their own ideas and patterns, much like the Islamic art they wanted to forbid the use of certain figures that may create idol worshipping. This resulted in their art work be
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