Oath Of Horatii And Eugene Delacroix, Liberty Leading The People

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Two different style of painting, to different painters, and two different pieces of artwork. Looking at the artwork that was done during the Neo-Classical period and the Romantic era, you really do get the best of both worlds. Stemming from the roots of art eras that came before them, they both have some sort of influence that lead the two eras to what they became during its era itself. The Neo-Classical era essentially extends from the Classical period during the works of the Greeks and Romans. The Neo-Classical era portrays a lot of elements and characteristics that the Classical period portrayed throughout its period. Elements and characteristics such as clothing on figures in the painting, along with the seriousness and political events…show more content…
From my prospective, I see the two as a political movement, they are both viewed as an act of either protecting or claiming. In David’s Oath of Horatii, the three brothers are seen being presented their swords by their father, representing a political responsibility of the citizens, it is also shown in a Classical style setting staying true to its Classical revival. On the other hand, Delacroix painting, Liberty Leading the People, it’s shown as a political movement but not quite like the showing of David’s Oath of Horatii. Delacroix painting shows emotion throughout the whole painting. From the woman carrying the flag in one hand and a gun in the other, followed by a boy carrying a gun screams emotions being expressed in the painting. Delacroix shows emotions through color, lightness, and the way his figures are expressed in the painting. These are two totally different painting but have things in common when looking deeply into the paintings. They both show emotions, form David’s, Oath of Horatii with the women in the background grief-stricken emotions, to Delacroix, woman figure holding a flag with guns in hand and people looking up at her for help. Also, the two shows political stances. They both portray something being fought for, weather its citizen responsibilities or

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