Book Of The Dead And Starry Night Comparison Essay

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Response Journal Jordyn M. Eargle Art 101 Professor Reilly December 8, 2014 TOPIC CHOICE #2: Writing about Space The two works of art I will be comparing today is The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I feel as if both of these works of art are vastly different, but have a few similarities. First, I will give some background on both of the works of art. The Egyptian Book of the Dead was created in about 16th Century B.C, but the artist is unknown. This piece of art was also known as the Book of Coming Forth which was just the ancient Egyptian funerary texts that showed a number that tests you would be faced with in the afterlife. This scroll was only placed in tombs of wealthy people that could afford this expensive guide to the afterlife. “The writings are a compilation of magic spells that assisted the deceased on their journey through the western land, amid a torrent of gods, monsters, and giant snakes. The spells were instructional and were adorned with beautifully intuitive pictures to ward off danger and gain the strength of lurking gods” ( The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh was an oil on canvas painting painted from the east-facing window of his…show more content…
Not just Africa, but many Holocaust victims as well, are being deprived of show casing their art because it has been stolen or traded with other countries over time. Chika Ezeanya stated that “A people’s development starts from the mind; artistic expressions are one of the few direct ways of stimulating a people towards increased intellectual disposition. This is a well-appreciated fact in every other part of the world, but is seems to be underestimated, even undermined in Africa” ( Several countries have made attempts to recover their “lost” artifacts, but there has been little success for

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