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There are various types of art forms available in today’s world, one of them being street art. It falls under the category of contemporary art which in turn falls under the area of cultural studies. It has become popular since the early 1980’s, this symbolises freedom and expression. Street art can truly be valued only if we consider its place in the lineage of fine art history and the outcome it has had on our modern society. They act as reflections of ourselves and the cities in which we live. Unconfined by form, medium, or message, the art form offers creative freedom and while artists have varied motivations behind their work, graffiti and street art tends to carry strong revolutionary messages for activism. Gregory Snyder mentions in his…show more content…
One of the protagonists considered in this essay is Banksy. He uses his art to rebel or protest against societal norms and injustices. This main question asked here is whether graffiti or street art can be considered as a ‘mainstream’ art and sold for profit. It also points out how it was when Banksy started his work and how he is now. People have scorned at the way has started to sell his work and taken up invitations; questions have also come about the irony of the situation where he mocks the society at one side and is slowly becoming a celebrity on the other. In reply to this, Banksy had said in an interview for the New Yorker “I think it was easier when I was the underdog, and I had a lot of practise at it. The money that my work fetches these days makes me a bit uncomfortable, but that's an easy problem to solve -you just stop whingeing and give it all away. I don't think it's possible to make art about world poverty and then trouser all the cash, that's an irony too far, even for me”. But the writer tries bringing into consideration that his works hold meaning and

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