Violent Video Game Controversy

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Video Games are a form of entertainment which some people claim can affect a person’s behavior. The main focus of these video games are the violent ones. Violent video games have been blamed for school shootings, increases in bullying, and violence towards women. Although some people have these allegations towards violent video games, others think the opposite. Video game controversies are societal and scientific arguments that the content of video games can affect a person’s behavior or attitude. The controversy began in 1976 over a game called Death Race, which was later taken off shelves due to public outcry. In 1977, the first video game lawsuit was filed on behalf of the parents of three children who died in the Heath High School shooting. Then two years later video games were once again blamed for the Columbine shooting. In 2002, Federal Legislation proposed a bill that banned the…show more content…
Playing violent video games does have some negative effects on people. Some research studies showed that young kids who play violent videos games are more prone to aggressive behavior rather than violent behavior. Scientists propose that people with certain conditions, for example antisocial personality disorder, may have a greater risk of carrying out violent acts portrayed in video games. The only problems with these findings is they are not consistent making the issue far from settled. There are other studies that have been done that have found no relation between video games and the violence of a person. Some studies show that violence or bad behavior in a video game may contribute to better behavior in the real world because they feel guilty about the decisions they make in the virtual world. Other studies have said that violent video games have a paradoxical affect; Video games increase aggression but reduce crime rate by keeping the individuals inside and away from situations where a crime may
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