Power And Influence In Presidential Candidates

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The concept of power is the ability to influence another person. When power is established, so is a relationship. This is where the direction of power can be determined. We will identify the agent and the target. The agent that is better known as the one who is using power. Like its name, the target is the one who is the recipient or the influenced. Power itself is not something that one is just given. It is however a trait that can be earned or learned. There are many types of power that is displayed daily the important thing about it is how effective is it. Power is relative to authority and influence. For example, we have to abide to a police officer’s authority; however that does not mean they can influence us. In order for these presidential candidates to display their power, they need to display both authority and influence. This will give them the respect needed to win Americans over. Every four years we introduce new candidates who want the privilege of becoming president. Before they can achieve this position, they are faced with establishing a power presence for the American people. There are different parties that have candidates running for their parties’ candidacy, but we have two primary parties. These parties are the Democratic…show more content…
I believe the types of power he uses are the reward power, coercive power, and sometimes-expert power. He is using the slogan “Make America Good Again” implying he has the answers. His supporters believe that Trump can give them what they want. He uses that to his advantage. He also lets them believe that America is in a downward spiral. I often hear in town supporter state that they are afraid what our nation will come to if he is not elected. Just by hearing this I can tell he is using coercive power. He is looked at as an expert in the financial world. He can use his expert power to help America figure out what went wrong

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