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Video Games and Violence: A Scholarly and Popular Comparison The controversy over whether or not video games contribute to aggressive behavior has been a concern of many parents and teachers. As video games have become more and more prevalent over the years and increasingly more violent, many questioned if the increasing violent tragedies experienced in schools were somehow linked to video game violence. The articles “Video Games and Aggressive Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior in the Laboratory and Life” by Craig A. Anderson of The Department of Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Karen E. Dill of The Department of Psychology at Lenoir-Rhyne College, and “What Science Knows About Video Games and Violence” by Brandon Keim,…show more content…
They argue that violent video games can increase aggressive thoughts and tendencies. The article discusses two separate studies that show how habitual and non-habitual use of violent video games have a direct impact on aggression. The first study assessed 227 college students who completed an aggression assessment, recorded their recent aggressive transgressions, and their video game playing habits. The authors claim that “Of the 227 students surveyed, 207 (91%) reported that they currently played video games” (Anderson and Dill 778). The study found that students who recorded more time spent playing video games also recorded more aggressive behavior and scored higher during the aggression assessment. Anderson and Dill state that “Study 1 indicates that concern about the deleterious effects of violent video games on delinquent behavior, aggressive and nonaggressive, is legitimate” (Anderson and Dill 782). Study two addressed a comparison between violent and non-violent video games, limited exposure, and the direct cause and effect. 210 students participated and completed cognitive and behavioral assessments after playing their assigned game for a set time limit. This study showed an increase in aggressive tendencies even…show more content…
Anderson and Dill found in comparison of their two studies that “…violent video game play was positively related to increases in aggressive behavior. In the laboratory, college students who played a violent video game behaved more aggressively toward an opponent than did students who had played a nonviolent video game. Outside the laboratory, students who reported playing more violent video games over a period of years also engaged in more aggressive behavior in their own lives” (Anderson and Dill 787). By using their studies to come to this conclusion Anderson and Dill are able to not only back their conclusion, but also engage the scientific community in terms they understand. Keim admits it is possible the correlation between violent video games and violence exists, but says the lack of extensive studies over a span of years of a participant’s life and that so few studies on video game violence have been done to provide doubt to his audience. The author states “By taking several tens of thousands of people, from children on up to adults, dividing them into groups with comparable socioeconomic, genomic, and behavioral profiles, setting them to play fist-person shooters with varying amounts of regularity, then following them for years, routinely conducting

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