Media Violence: Multiple Genres Of Violent Videogames

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Videogame industries have introduced multiple genres of violent and non-violent games. Violent videogames display multiple intentions of hostile behavior and outbreaks of mild aggression in the short term in both young children and teens. Social scientists have studied and debated the effects of media violence on behavior since the 1950s, and videogames since the 1980s. Studies have shown multiple incidents of which violent videogames were involved. One shooting occurred on 19 February 1997 when a teenager named Evan Ramsey gunned down a fellow student, the principal, and shot two others before surrendering himself to the police. Ramsey described to the police that his senses of reality was warped by playing video games. “I did not understand that if I…pull out a gun and shoot you, there’s a good chance you’re not getting back up,” Ramsey said in a 2007 interview from Spring Creek Correctional Center, in Seward, Alaska. “You shoot a guy in ‘Doom’ and he gets back up. You have got to shoot the things in ‘Doom’ eight or nine times before it dies.”…show more content…
Two teenagers; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students, one teacher and wounded more than 20 people before killing themselves. The teens were known to be addicted to violent video games and gothic culture. Jerald Block; psychiatrist and researcher in Portland, Oregon believed the reason both teens went on a rampage was because their parents took away their videogame privileges. This could have triggered a hostile attitude and violent tendency in both teens. “Relied on the virtual world of computer games to express their rage and to spend time, and cutting them off in 1998 sent them into crisis” Block said according to The Denver

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