Argumentative Essay On Violent Video Games

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In recent years, a troubling number of children are consistently indulging in an excessive amount of media, according to Entertainment Software Association. “New research from the Entertainment Software Association says that 155 million Americans play video games and that four-out-of-five households own a gaming device of some sort” (Venturebeat 1). unbeknownst to the parents and/or guardians who are consistently funding their children addiction, there seemingly harmless actions may have unforeseen and dangerous consequences in their child’s future. The controversial subject of gaming and its effects were examined by researcher JB. Funk in her book The Impact of Interactive Violence on Children. “In 2000, Funk studied the mechanisms underlying the aggressiveness caused by video games. She hypothesized that under certain environmental conditions, aggressive behavior was likely a consequence of the desensitization and disinhibition caused by violent video games” (Funk 2). Funk’s hypothesis has been substantiated…show more content…
The responsibility to regulate the media that children are viewing cannot be shirked by their parents and guardians. Caregivers cannot allow a video game to influence the values of our children, who are the future leaders of tomorrow. The necessity to make immediate changes is evident, the desensitization of the youth of America is a serious concern and should not be taken lightly. The Columbine tragedy demonstrates how horrific various influential factors can have on unsupervised and unregulated media bombardment of the youth, and is a dark reminder of the effects of not taking the threat of the desensitization of the youth seriously. Which makes one wonder who truly resides in the realm of fantasy the children or the

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