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Video Games are like movies, TV-shows and even books. It’s an entertaining way of indulging yourself into a completely different world or in an alternate reality. The game interactions are one of the many things that lures people in to getting interested in the many video games that are available today in the market. The game industry strives to get the people’s attention and interests, that makes people addicted and spend a lot of hours playing games. Entertainment value is defined by how interesting a game is and if the person will continue to play it. A lot of video games to have many characters with different traits. Then puts the characters in to various situations for example the character gets in to a serious, funny or just in a predicament…show more content…
There are positive effects such as improving their hand and eye coordination and their reflexes. Those are most often acquired by playing action games that improves their skills not just in the game, but in reality as well. There are games that may improve a persons’ skills and knowledge, playing games that have real world problems and issues, and some are even informative. Examples of these are: patience, value of time and money. "After years of focusing on the bad - and there are still legitimate concerns, for instance, about the psychological effects of certain violent games - scientists are increasingly examining the potential benefits of video games. Their studies are revealing that a wide variety of games can boost mental function, improving everything from vision to memory. Still unclear is whether these gains are long-lasting and can be applied to non-game tasks. But video games, it seems, might actually be good for the brain."(Anthes, 2009). Online video games often have in-game purchases where people mostly the youth pays for a sum of money on an item that can be bought in the store just to “look impressive” and so often that they spent and be careless of their money. Even with that lesson, most people still can’t manage their money and spend more on something that doesn’t even matter. A person’s patience is often tested when playing a puzzle game or even a strategy…show more content…
It’s a known fact that video games are fun, but with all the joy and happiness a player gets while playing. There are bad consequences resulting from playing too much. A sum of teenagers and young kids, find video games entertaining and fun that they will become addicted to that game. They play so much that they’re becoming unproductive and really lazy. Playing video games often can make teenagers become less social and knowing less on what’s happening outside their virtual world. Their habit of playing too much video games makes them want to disregard their responsibilities in school and at home. Most of the time a person is playing a video game, he or she is alone and confined most of the time. That makes a person having trouble with interacting to other persons. Playing too much makes a person socially isolated. Some video games teaches children incorrect values. Violence, theft, and aggressiveness are often rewarded or being the objective in a game. It is so often that video games are made with having violent mechanics; such as stealing a car, killing an enemy and having racial stereotypes. “There is no evidence that, even in the laboratory, violent video games have a different effect on mundane acts of aggression than other forms of violent media--the 'effect sizes' found in studies are similar regardless of the media examined. However, you are correct that violent video games are

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