Is It Wrong To Play Violent Video Games Morally Wrong?

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The effects and morality of violent video games is an issue that has been widely debated, but there never seems to be a clear-cut conclusion. It is a topic that has gotten immense attention with the advancement of video game technology including ultra high-definition resolution, facial recognition, voice recognition, gesture control, and even virtual reality. Many people criticize violent video games on the grounds that they teach users how to use weapons, desensitize users to violent acts, and motivate users to commit violent acts. Arguments against these assessments include the idea that although these games may exhibit crude acts of violence, it is merely a simulation, therefore it should not be considered morally wrong. Furthermore, many studies done on…show more content…
This essay will explore the arguments defending and criticizing the morality of participating in violent video games as analyzed by Marcus Schulzke and Matt McMcormick. These authors constructed their essays around the arguments for and against violent video games as seen through Utilitarianism and Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics. When looking through the lens of Utilitarian ethics, it is important to understand how the violent video games affect groups of people, or whole communities. In Matt McCormick’s essay, “Is is wrong to play violent video games,” he claims that, “many people believe that violent video games make it more likely, even if only by a small amount, that people will commit harmful acts against others.” He goes on to explain the relationship between harmful actions, dangerous acts, and risk-increasing acts. Playing or watching violent video games fall into the category of “risk-increasing acts.” The opposition to video games is not that it is a dangerous or harmful act, but it increases the risk that someone will act in a violent or harmful manner. McCormick uses an analogy of alcohol to compare a similar

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