Violent Video Games Case Study

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Rationale The aim of this study is to identify key issues relating to the emotional effects of violent video games on young adults behaviour. This article discussed why and how media violence can increase aggression in individuals. This is very relevant to today’s society due to the fact that the media has become very influential in people’s lives. The article also discusses how video games can affect people’s moods depending on the type of video games they are playing and also the phasic emotional responses (phase of the relationship between physiological and psychological phenomena .i.e. the way in which the mind and body interact) to violent video game events is discussed. It is hoped that the end result of this study will be a clearer identification of the hypothesis that playing violent video games will increase an individual’s aggressive behaviour. Participants…show more content…
Preferably individuals who actively play and are familiar with video games (especially violent ones) would be chosen for this study. The most suitable place to find participants to take part in this study would be in colleges and universities across Dublin. Participants would be selected according to how willing they are to participate in the study, their familiarity with violent video games and of course whether or not they fit into the age category or not. Incentives given to participants who decide to participate willingly in the study would be that they will be given a small amount of money if they fully participate and also refreshments will be provided throughout the study free of
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