Unemployment In Malaysia

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PROBLEM STATEMENT Nowadays, employers were stacked with piles of resumes for the job vacancy advertisement and interview section venues’ were queued up by many graduates especially fresh graduates had become a common sight worldwide. However, employers couldn’t able to entertain all these unemployed graduates since they could only employ limited staffs for the operation of business. Unemployed graduates have become the worlds’ major concern lately. The issues been raised is the causes and factors behind the unemployment of so many fresh graduates not only in our country but worldwide. According to Brad McMillan (2015), the labour force and market are different compared to the twenty-five years ago based on the Haver Analytics conducted on…show more content…
According to Factors Influencing Unemployment among Graduates in Malaysia by Mohamad Idham Md Razak, Asliza Mohd Yusof, Wan Nor Syazana, Wan Effa Jaafar and Adi Hakim Talib (2014), fresh graduates struggle to earn a decent job because their poor command in English. Many fresh graduates prefer to communicate in the mother tongue in comparison to the common communication language such as English in Malaysia. This causes these graduates to be less fluent in communication in the common communication language which eventually leads them not able to communicate well during interview section and…show more content…
This issue not only affects the person in the individual aspect but also in affects the family and the community in the long run. The unemployment would lead to financial crisis since it reduces the purchasing capacity of the person and this would eventually reduce the nation capacity as well. The spending power of an unemployed person would decrease drastically and they would rather save than spend their money which in turn affects economy adversely. Apart from that, poverty also a major consequence caused due to the unemployment. The rise in unemployment would cause many people to have no enough money to support themselves even for daily basic needs. For instance, a fresh graduates need to pay up their study loans, their daily needs and transportation to seek for new job and these graduates need to allocate themselves with the “pocket money” given by their parents until they can earn by themselves. Thus, many of these unemployed fresh graduates will suffer from

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