Mcdonald's Marketing Environment

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Marketing environment analysis Political environment Political factors is refers to tax, tariff and government intervention which are designed to benefit government and citizen. The profitability of a business is shaped by political stability, rules and regulations and consumer’s spending power. There are many factors affect the political environment in Malaysia such as government policies, trading policies, government term and change. If political issues is disorder and unstable, this become the factor affect the country image and no investors want to take the risk to enter into the market. As we know, Malaysia has 3 mainly ethnic groups which are Malay, Chinese and Indian. Besides, there are a few of indigenous groups who live in Sabah and…show more content…
Economic of Malaysia may affect the business decision making such as enter or leave the market. The stable economic of a country can attract new business come in Malaysia. In year 2007, the whole world economy has been affected by the global financial crisis. This result in slightly decrease in global trade and raise the unemployment rate in many countries. Fortunately, Malaysia was not affected by the recession of economy due to Malaysia has prevent and learnt the lessons from the financial crisis which happened in year 1997. Besides, McDonald’s dealt the crisis problem in an efficient way by decrease the products price and offering value meal in the market. This is the way McDonalds use to maintain sales figure and also performed better than its competitors. Moreover, there are 27% average of economic growth per year in Malaysia. The growth of economy has cause a huge increase in consumer income and purchasing power. Therefore, McDonald’s is willing to enter into Malaysia market by offering suitable meal for consumer due to stable economy of growth and high demand from…show more content…
Islam is known as official religion and over 50% of population is Islam follower. Chinese population is 30% whereas Indian is around 10%. The difference cultures mean that businesses have to adapt their products and business practices to suit the population needs in the country. Therefore, Halal is the important concept that must apply in business tactics in order to succeed in Malaysia food industry. McDonald’s does not serve any pork item in Malaysia because to respect the concept of Halal, the Muslim religious sentiment and to follow government rules. They do not purchase non-halal ingredients for their food preparation. Another issues in this social-cultural environment is McDonald’s launched Big Mac that use beef as the ingredients to sell in our country. Beef is the favourite food items for Malaysians especially Muslim and Big Mac become the bestselling food in our country. McDonald also used creativity to launch new flavours of ice cream in Malaysia like cendol sundae cone, mix of cendol and vanilla sundae cone, aloha sundae cone and so on to suite the local tastes. This result in customer show highly respond toward the new offer in McDonald’s compare with other

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