Causes Of Unemployment Essay

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Unemployment Introduction Unemployment is a situation whereby a person who reached working age of 16, available for work and willing to work but he/she cannot find a job. There are 3 types of unemployment which are frictional unemployment (due to the normal working of the labour market used to denote short run job or skill matching problems), structural unemployment (due to the changes in the structure of the economy) and also cyclical unemployment (due to recessions and depressions). Content Article 1: Generation jobless According to the research from the International Labour Organization, there is 75 million (6% of all 15-24 years old) youth around the world are jobless. From the research of a World Bank from the households shows that more…show more content…
Recommendation Youth unemployment problem is very serious now. Instead of saying solve this problem, we only can reduce it. We recommend that the high schools have the partnerships with private industries. By doing so, the students could receive specialized job training in fields that are high demand of people. For the examples, aerospace, manufacturing, information technology or health care. Students can study toward a high school degree and earn credits hours while training. Besides, students can also experience working before they go to the labour force. It also provides a preparation for them. Furthermore, universities and colleges should focus more on applied learning or practicing to solve the mismatch problem. Nowadays, students are stress because of they want to score for the examination and then graduate with a good result. However, they forget the purpose of studying which is learning. Universities and colleges should focus more on project-based learning rather than test scoring and graduation rating. Universities and colleges should support, advice and also encourage them to get a jobs after they

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