Depression Essay: What Is Teenage Depression?

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What is teen depression? Adolescent is a stage where an individual or children undergoes both physical and psychological development that might include growth of pubic hair and also critical thinking skills. This stage generally occurs from puberty to young adulthood and is closely related to the teenage years. As such, teenagers may experience moment of changes, challenges, or even obstacle that might halt their progress making it difficult for them to cope. Developing bodies, peer pressure, social and academic stress are obstacles that many teenagers will face during their adolescent years yet most of them can pull through with only short term feelings of sadness or irritation. While some teenagers might use the word ‘depressed’ to express themselves during that stage, there is also a psychiatric disorder known as ‘clinical depression’ or ‘major depression’. Depression is a state where an individual is in a constant feeling of sadness, anxiousness, easily irritated, feel helpless, hopeless, worthless, guilty, and even restless. This may disrupt their daily routine as they might lose interest in once pleasurable activities, changes in appetite, difficulty in concentrating, disruption of memory, fatigue, sleeping problems, aches, digestive problems and even attempt or commit suicide at the worst…show more content…
This is partially due to lack of data from professional researchers as the adolescents falling victim to depression seems to be on the rise. As such, prevention is needed before researches done can be completed to help adolescents who are currently depressed. There are two types of prevention programs. One which targets the entire adolescent population with a deduction that the entire population is at risk of depression while another prevention program only targets adolescents who are exposed to identifiable risks of

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