Advantages And Disadvantages Of Child Labour In Sabah

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Sabah has been the recipient of countless migrants for centuries. The most recent of these are largely Indonesians and Filipinos who come for economic reasons. The current economic turmoil has affected the capacity of the state to provide employment to both local and foreign workers. The Sabah experience suggests that a more systematic approach is needed to regulate the flow of migrant labor in the region. But for this to succeed, the support and cooperation of all the relevant parties would be essential. The current issues of labour market in Sabah can be divided into two which are foreign issues and local issues. The foreign issues are included unemployment among youth, migrant workers, and PATI issues. Next will have child labour and disable person for local issues. According to unemployment among youth in Sabah, the causes and cures by Thirunaukarasu Subramaniam which the data was taken from Yearbook of Statistics, Sabah 2003 Youth between age 15-24 constitute 20.6% of total population of 2,603,485 in Sabah. They also constitute about 24.4% of employed persons and 77.8% of unemployed persons from…show more content…
Children will not attend these schools without an economic change in their condition. Schools must take it worthwhile for children to attend in order to make up for lost earnings. The quality of education can also be improved so that schooling is considered an important factor in the future success of a child. Only after the introduction of such substitutes will school attendance increase. Education and employment for children are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many children have to work to go to school. Otherwise they could not afford the tuition and other fees associated with attendance. Specialization allows some children to acquire and education though support of their working siblings. In the nutshell, abolishing child labour would then be a reduction in the educational attainment of a

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