The Importance Of The Media

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Media; one of the most important factors that molds and changes the ways of society. A means of communication, providing people with information from numerous sources and events. It informs you of the hottest trends and fashions. Not only the latest fads, but the latest political events, and to give us a clarification of our nation’s economic status. The manipulative and influential powers of the media can be traced back, perhaps around the medieval times where men would either write, or in most cases speak orally, amongst the populace. Centuries go by, and journalism came to be, bringing about newspapers. During the 20th Century, American media (specifically newspapers) have become a huge ordeal when it came to spreading the news and informing…show more content…
We can’t say for sure, but for the most part, the newspaper isn’t going anywhere. There are still so many people that rely on the newspaper for certain information, especially local information. Rather there are more people that get their news from the radio or television, the newspaper has come and survived. It seems that it’ll still survived as we travel through the decades. We still have one of the most influential media “The New York Times”. Not only do they provide news to you on air or online, but they still provide newspaper copies. It isn’t to say how long newspaper will last. Matter of fact, it might never cease to exist because “newspapers are still the most important medium for understanding the world.”and, “old media have a habit of surviving.” (Peter Wilby, Newspaper, including local newspapers, will continue to be stocked in supermarkets and retail stores, providing people with a good visual on economic status, some including changes in taxes or real estate. What is to say that the newspaper is actually being killed off, as people of an older age still pick up the daily newspapers and reads them. That is to compare with people ages 18-30, whose main source of information is either being broadcast or electrically published on the World Wide Web. With the importance of the newspaper on specific subject matters, the use of newspapers will still continue on for perhaps another century or two. If one were to wish to extend the life of the newspaper industry, why not subscribe to a local newspaper, or a newspaper in general. You can still watch your news on television, or listen to it on your radio, or perhaps read it online. However once in a while, reading the newspaper wouldn’t be too

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