Causes Of Unemployment In Malaysia

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2.1 Unemployment In Malaysia Higher Than Neighbouring Countries The article states that Malaysia has a higher unemployment rate which is 10.4% compare to the neighbouring countries such as 3.4% in Thailand and 7% in Singapore. Hence, Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim urged that the government should take actions to reduce the unemployment rate. Malaysians especially the young generation face two major problems which are unemployment and underemployment. Besides, he hoped that government should more concerned about the overall quality of employment that cause underemployment. According to “The Jobless Young: Left Behind” which is an article in the Economist, the quality of education, training and employment are crucial for the young generation today…show more content…
According to the survey, the unemployed people were dominance by Male compared to Female, while Malay has the most number followed by Chinese and India. Young people between 21 to 30 years old hold the majority of unemployment and half and above respondent only finished their secondary school education. By obtaining a lower education level, they are unable to get a better job. Income below than RM1000 is one of the causes of resignation. Respondent mostly search job via family and friends, while Job Fair is the least preferred method being used. This is due to respondent is hardly to access public transport to another places. Finally, most of the respondents are able to speak and write in Malay language while in English language seems moderate. This is another resistance for them search for a better job. In Malaysia, the unemployment issue is caused by the increase of foreign worker in market, spatial mismatch, low wage, mismatch of skills and jobs, unable communicate well in oral or written, courses or subject that studied is not applicable in the…show more content…
Interview method has been carried out to seven respondents who have experience. According to the resources, it showed that job vacancies and job placement in Peninsular Malaysia in 2002 are increasing continuously. Hence, unemployment is not due to lack of job opportunities, but is low quality of graduate. Central Bank of Malaysia (2002) found that international graduates are more skilled than Malaysian graduates especially English Language (Hanapi, Nordin,

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