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2.) Darcy is what Rachel calls perfect, Darcy has blonde hair, tanned skin, tall and beautiful. Rachel as well as the other girls always compare themselves to Darcy because they believe that she is the ideal girl that every guy wants. On page 97 of Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin, readers are able to witness Rachel’s flashback from grade 12 when they receive their SATs. Darcy comes off as smart when she scores the highest mark out of her friend group and is accepted into “Notre Dame”, a college that is known for their high academic average. Darcy is also a mastermind when it comes to looks, makeup and fashion. Darcy is very clingy to Rachel and Dex, although she is a very confident person, she does not hesitate to get emotional and insecure…show more content…
Majority the 143 pages that I have read, Rachel does not feel guilty for betraying her best friend and Dex does not regret his affair, but the two share a sense of fear. They fear being humiliated or the reputation that it could give them if people found out about their secret relationship and they fear Darcy finding out at the wrong time. Rachel feels guilty at the beginning and swears that it was a one time thing, Dex on the other hand doesn't “feel guilty” (37) because it felt right. Fear can be the main problem in all situations, fear can take over all emotions and enlarge the complication of any situation or event. By reading half of the book, i'm able to identify that the book is based off a fear and how Dex and Rachel do not fear being together, they fear the judgement that comes after…show more content…
The love between Dex and Rachel just seems surreal to me because Dex and Rachel have a sexual intercourse once, then can't stop thinking about each other and realize that they are in love even though they were both intoxicated with alcohol and in reality probably wouldn't have remembered much. Dex was also with Darcy for seven years and I think that it would take longer than a couple days to fall out of love with someone that you've committed seven years to, live with, and months away from getting married. Not only was Rachel Darcy’s maid of honor, but she was her best friend since elementary school and Rachel has always admired Darcy and her lifestyle, even when she was selfish. I wish that the book would give the characters more time to think, reflect and act on the situation and give the readers more insight on the

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