The Pros And Cons Of Stress Management

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Stress management help you to have a healthier ways to cope with stress and to avoid harmful effects. However, stress management can reduce your problems. It can also change your stressful situation if you will use it in a good way. Based on Canadian Mental Health Association, if you find that you can cope with your stressors, you don’t see it as stressful. Problems is unavoidable why many people are dealing with stress. Stressors make your daily life miserable and it has negative impact to your physical health that's why researchers find many strategies to manage or cope your stress. Preventing your stress by living healthy and try to avoid the things that cause it. Lazarues and Folkman (1984) have distinguished between to broad types of coping…show more content…
Pargament, et al. (1990) found that if the person who experiencing stress put God in her/ his heart and make God as his/her supportive partner, involvement in religious rituals, and the search for spiritual or personal support were result a better outcomes such as recent mental health status and spiritual growth. Base on other studies, there are some negative strategies used by children like Problem-based coping startegies (Ebata & Moose, 1991; Ayers, Sandler, West, & Roosa, 1996) social problems (Compas, Malcarne, & Fondacoro, 1988). It was related to emotional and behavioral problems. (Compas et al., 1988) contrast that children who more frequently use emotion based coping, display more behavioral problems, depression and anxiety symptoms. (Aspinwall, 2005; Aspinwall & Taylor, 1997; Greenglass, 2002) stated that proactive coping, also termed preventative coping and anticipatory coping, making an effort to prepare for stressful events that could occur in the…show more content…
First is get moving, physical activities will help you to reduce stress but you don’t need to become an athlete when doing these things. By having a regular exercise can help you. Exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood and burn away your anger, tension, or frustration. Put an activity that you feel relax and enjoy. Instead of focusing on your stressor, make a conscious effort to focus on your physical health. When you’re doing exercise, you will avoid any thoughts that may cause you stress and you will feel happiness in your heart and you it will become easier for you to engage socially. Second is Engage Socially, it is the most efficient way to rein in stress. If you try to communicate with other people, you will feel calm because they will listen to your problems even though they cannot fix it but they can be a good listener to you. The inner ear, face, heart, and stomach are connected to your brain, so when you socially talk with another human being face-to-face, making an eye contact, listening in an attentive way, talking can quickly calm you down. Bond with your family or relatives, friends, and even with your classmates will help to reduce your stress. Opening up is not a sign that you are weak so do not think that they will judge you because they will listen or give you an advise to manage your stress. Third, Avoid unnecessary stress. Learn to say “no” sometimes and don’t let

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