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Transcript 1 I conducted my counseling session with my classmate Lila Mendoza, who was portraying a transferring community college female student. She came to talk to me about her transfer options of either going to UC Berkeley or Pitzer College. Some background information that we came up with for her character was that I had know the student for quite some time during her two years at the community college and was happy to hear that she was accepted to both schools. I found the assignment to be a challenge of mine as I had gone to UC Berkeley, one of her chosen schools and had little information on liberal arts institutions. This assignment provided me good practice insight of putting the client’s needs above my own. Areas for Improvement…show more content…
At the beginning of the session as I allowed the client to explain her dilemma, it felt as if the session proceeded in not having a clear path of resolving the client’s dilemma. My speech for instance at the beginning was strong and clear but as I went on I felt I start to mumble a bit too much. This I felt damage my paraphrasing skills in the session. In Chapter 4 of the Cormier (2008) reading discusses the power that the listening skill has on a client of an opposite gender to my own as she writes, “ some men tend to have a more directive style of listening, asking more questions and doing more interrupting than some women, who may make more reflective statements (Cormier et al., p. 139)”. I had failed to take into account the gender and age of my client when discussing her transfer dilemma, which could of resulted in my more direct way of presenting information to my client. For example, my client states, “Oh I haven’t brought this up Berkeley wouldn’t offer me as much finical aid as Pitzer…you know that’s a big part in transferring”. During this example in the session, I could of paused and gather my thoughts, possibly using more reflective statements, so to better resolve Lila’s transfer

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