Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Non Veg

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Which is best – Veg or Non Veg? Cons of non veg • Consuming red meat and processed meats shows increased mortality rates. Eating meat also shows high chances of having heart disease, diabetes, kidney disorders, cancer and weight gain. • researchers discovered that people who ate the most meat gained the most weight over a five-year trial period. This was shown true for both sexes, in both normal-weight and overweight individuals, and in smokers and nonsmokers. meat consumption over the five-year period resulted in an increase in 3 to 5 pounds. Scientists also discovered that there exists an inverse relationship between weight gain and a number of vegetarian food like, fruits, whole grains, and yogurt. • According to WHO, non vegetarian foods cause 159 different types of disease .The most common diseases caused are Heart disease,high blood pressure,kidney problem,gall bladder problems,wounds in arteries, eczema, paralysis ,tuberculosis…show more content…
This will have a great effect on your diet because protein is constitutes a major and significant part of it. Protein rich food generally acts as the building blocks of the body. • In order to give your body all the benefits of amino acids you need to include all of it in your diet. Eggs contain this which you will miss out on being a vegetarian. However, for some protein providing sources of food to have an effect on your body, they have to contain the appropriate quantity of IAAs and DAAs. •The absence of the right amount of protein in the diet will result in more time to heal wounds. It will also make your skin less healthy and lose its glow. It will become more difficult to develop muscle tissues. It will make you weaker and have an effect on digestion. Vegetarians will by default consume more carb rich food items in order to make up for the loss in protein. This may lead to increase in body

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