Pros And Cons Of Violent Video Games

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Video games create a world about something that might not be real. It can answer that “what if” statement that many people have with fantasies. This is also for violent video games. They create scenarios if you could use a gun correctly. Every game in the U.S gets a rating on each game from an organization called ESRB. Most violent video games have lots of aggressive conflicts with also possibly involving blood, death, or even referencing something bigger. Most games like this get a rating of teen or mature. ( for people 17 or older) While there are many pros and cons to having violence in video games. A video game could also have swearing, or have drugs involved. It only leads to one side. Teenagers should be able to play violent video games because they are not the only reason that kids get bad behavior, it could increase your reaction time or hand-eye coordination,…show more content…
For example from Psychology Today the article states, “ The APA research does not mean that violent video games are the biggest or even a major cause of aggression. Other factors, such as family violence, or having an anger-prone personality.”(“ The Truth About Violent Video Games And Kids Part 1” E. Kennedy-Moore, Also, Certainly it can be said that violent video games lead to child aggression but so can bad family history or that they could have an anger-prone personality. The evidence points to the fact that negative effects come from these video games. This could also be a reason of false cause. As having violence in video games, kids are playing them and have negative effects, people being violent is because of violent video games. The first example also very well explains the second example because it can also lead to bad behavior. Significantly, video games are not the only reason that people get violent but people could also make you have a great reaction time and have a better hand-eye

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