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Have you ever been in the situation when you were driving down the highway, and you received a text? Have you ever been in the car and decided that you should start talking on the phone? If so, you are not alone! Anyone who does this believes that whatever they are doing cannot wait, but that is false. In our society today, the opportunities and temptations to multitask are prominent. Yes, there are some advantages to multitasking, but there are many downsides to multitasking. These things include stress, less productivity, and brain restrictions. This is why multitasking is a bad habit that nobody should pick up. For the past decade, multitasking has been a big controversy whether or not it is a good thing. There are pros and cons of multitasking. It is fairly easy to…show more content…
There is not a lot complex thinking when a person eats food. In certain cases, switching from one activity to another is easy (“Pros and Cons of multitasking”). Simple tasks allow for fast transition of mental focus (“12 multitasking pros and cons”). A person is able to do simple things that are in their everyday schedule. Multitasking enables a person to do different activities, so we do not do one thing all the time (“Pros and Cons of multitasking”). When a person switches between one activity and another, this person is going to experience less boredom. They are going to be more creative because they are not stuck on one subject for a long period of time. The most important advantage of multitasking is the ability to block out interruptions and distractions (“Pros and Cons of multitasking”). It makes us resilient to distractions. The world today has many distractions, and multitasking helps keep those distractions aside because the brain is so used to doing it when it multitasks (“12 multitasking pros and cons”). A person can take more than one assignment, and they can take it to the next level whether or not it is good time

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