The Pros And Cons Of Agglomeration

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Introduction: This research paper will be based on agglomeration economies and their effects on economic growth for better or for worse and look at what role it plays exactly and how big of a role that is as well as discussing its possible advantages or disadvantages for economic growth. Through the literature observed for this research paper I will attempt to argue why and how agglomeration economies help and promote economic growth or perhaps one could find that agglomeration economies do not help to promote economic growth, to shed more light on the matter one will attempt to outline how everything works in the given scenario mentioned above. As mentioned in my proposal, economic growth is something that can constantly change from year to year in a given country depending what happens within that year, it shall be interesting to attempt to uncover if…show more content…
However, the contribution rate of agricultural agglomeration to the agricultural economic growth is not possible, which means the effects of agricultural industrial agglomeration have not been effectively oppressed. The strengthening of positive effects of agricultural industrial agglomeration calls for the enhancements of links and co-operations of every member in agricultural industrial agglomeration and of the co-ordinations of all links in agricultural industrial agglomeration (Hu, 2014, p.1880). In order to further strengthen the agglomeration effect brought by agricultural industrial agglomeration, the important roles of such channels as information dissemination, product distribution and price formation in the circulation process of agricultural products should be efficiently exploited, and a full agricultural market system should be established and the agricultural industrial brand effect should be assembled through a highly effective agricultural product sales network (Hu, 2014,

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