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Many people know about the Underground Railroad, but do they know who was a major conductor of it? It was no other than Harriet Tubman. At a young age, she was already working as a child caretaker at five and a field worker and log hauler at 12. Araminta, Harriet’s birth name, married a free black, but still remained a slave. After her master died, she ran off to Bucktown, Maryland and became free. At least eight times, she returned to Virginia and the Eastern shores to gather people and take them through the Underground Railroad. These houses were owned by people who were white and black and hated slavery and the Fugitive Slave Act. A huge complication was the Fugitive Slave Act, known as the Bloodhound Act in the North. The greatest achievement…show more content…
Even though she only helped refugees for 10 years, she really measured the independent factors of the escapes. Different pick-up points, the most common being Dorchester Co., Maryland, meant different factors. Like, for example, some cities could have had tighter security than others or another could have fewer covers for when they are traveling, jeopardizing the whole mission. Therefore, these mission’s were each different and Harriet had to adapt to these different environments. The author points out in Document B ( Source: Adapted from Harriet Tubman: The Road To Freedom by Catherine Clinton, 2004), “When possible, ‘abductions’ began on Saturday nights since slaves generally had rest day Sundays and would not be missed until Monday morning.” Not only did Moses just measure the temperature and time, she also measured the days that they had off. She met them in pre-arranged destinations to begin the transport, not in the plantations. Probably because they thought that it would look suspicious that another woman is talking to a slave and then leaving all of a sudden. Thinking that they are going to church, the slave owners did not expect them to be leaving since it would be an extremely hard task. In total, she made eight escapes and carried them all the way to Canada and took around a total of 38+ people. She even helped her own family by taking them all the way to the Land of the Free, even her parents. Her most famous escape, also her last one, was when she had to drug two babies in order to keep them from crying. Harriet's went through some high measures to keep the load safe from capture and possible

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