The Importance Of Socialization

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Over the course of one’s life they learn more things and learn to develop new skills that will better assist them in life. Sociologists believe that socialization develops over time throughout the course of a person’s life because one simply cannot learn all there is to know about life at one time. Another reason that sociologist believe that socialization is developed over time is because as we get older the “age-norms” and “time-related rules and regulations” change drastically and we then have to learn new skills in order adapt to the changes around us. According to George Herbert Mead, self development is when a person is able to view themselves through the view of the world. Similar to the beliefs of Mead, Jean Piaget believed that the development of one’s self relied on the…show more content…
In the workplace adults must develop skills that will best assist them in advancing in their career or even temporary workplace. These skills will allow the person to better function at the job that they are assigned. ● Religion- In the U.S there is an abundance of different religions and in each religion there are different things being practiced and these practices can have a major effect on someone’s personal development. The beliefs associated with a religion can cause a person to change their on personal beliefs. ● Government- We often do not realize it but the government definitely does provide many rites of passages and social norms that we come across in our everyday lives. For example, to be legally considered as an adult, you must be eighteen years old and at sixty-five years old a person can be considered as being old because at that point, for the most part, people start to become eligible for senior benefits. With these senior benefits, one must then learn how to apply them with things such as social security benefits and senior citizen

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