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The Latent Content of a dream is of great significance in the movie. This is ‘the hidden meaning of a fantasy or dream, discoverable by analysis of the content of the dream.’ (Cherry, 2014). Hidden connotations throughout ‘Inception’ proffer that maybe this is what director Christopher Nolan wanted. Research shows that Cobb means ‘dream’ in Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. Ariadne is famous in Greek mythology as a girl who helped her brother through a circular maze to defeat a Minotaur – the maze Ariadne drew Cobb was also spherical. Mal is a French word which translates to ‘bad’. Arthur can signify rock in English which celebrates his grounded nature in the film, Eames is named after Charles Eames a famous architect and the list goes on. What is extremely interesting is when you take the first letter of each of the characters names you get the word ‘dreams’ - Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal, Saito. All of these ideas have been thoroughly thought out and progressed through the movie. Perhaps the movie itself is an example of Manifest…show more content…
What if we take it as an analogy for making a movie? In essence, Nolan is taking the process of making this movie or movies in general and relaying them in the form of…a movie. Each character portrays a team member of a film crew. Cobb as the director is in charge of arranging and co-ordinating. Ariadne is the screenwriter who constructs, Saito budgets the movie, Arthur harmonizes and adapts everything, Eames dressed in his disguises plays an actor, Yusuf who is technologically advanced works in special effects and Fischer is the audience. The idea of implanting a dream into someone’s unconscious can be paralleled to implanting ideas into our minds. The scene with Ariadne and Cobb in Paris can be seen as a metaphor for cinema when she creates a bridge of mirrors facing each other portraying the power of cinema and

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