The Importance Of Gender Socialization

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Gender can be considered as one of the most noticeable categories on how social groups in a society labeled and organized (Owen Blakemore, Berenbaum & Liben, 2009). This can be seen in some categories of gender specific divisions for public bathrooms and sports activities, and even in shopping mall there is a division of male and female clothing area and also in some other aspect of life qualities, such as traits, colors and abilities. Gender linked associations are existing in those life aspects. For instance, pink color is associated with girl and blue color is for boys (Bem, 1993). Looking at this, we could say, human life is bombarded by so much gender differentiation. This could be a reason why gender development studies are continued…show more content…
One of greatly studied aspects of socialization is gender socialization (Emolu, 2014; Anastasiu, 2012). Gender socialization is an assimilation process of social expectations, attitudes and behaviors associated with one’s gender in the society (Gallymova, Smirnova, Kozhanova, Emylyanova & Budantsova, 2015; Crespi, 2004). It is also a way of how people are taught to be a male and a female in different society that they lived in (Emolu, 2014, Anastasiu, 2012; Crespi, 2004). For example, in certain societies, for example, America (Raffaelli & Ontai, 2004) and Africa (Morduch, 2000), daughters are expected to do house chores activities but boys are not but in society like India, boys were found to share similar amount of hours with girls in doing housechore (Tin Chi & Adsera, 2014). There are many agents involved in a socialization process such as schools, teachers and parents (Maier, 2004). All agents play different roles gender socialization process which are varied form one society to…show more content…
The example of this can be clearly recognized at some levels such as individual and institutional level. The example of the former one is when skirt can only be worn by girls and a boy cannot wear a skirt because he is a boy. The example for the latter one is the institutionalization of gender-related school uniform. Also, children frequently face environmental information about gender expectations from many socialization agents including family, peers, and media. They take in the messages from the environment in helping them to organize their own understanding of the

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