Essay On Cultural Values

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Ever since I can remember I have been proud to show my culture and my values. Being raised in a Mexican-American household definitely helped me with my identity. Now that I am 22 I can see how my upbringing has all helped understand where other people’s culture. Talking about values is a common topic with my family. In my family, one value that is very important is the importance of education. My parents were not given the opportunity to get an education in Mexico, so they made sure that their children would not miss out on the opportunity to the best education they can get. Doing good in school was my main priority growing up, and when I was in high school applying to college was an even bigger priority. While I value my education, I…show more content…
My parents would discipline each of us differently, depending on what we had done and what was the best way for us to understand that what we did was wrong. For me whenever I had done something bad I would be put on the “time-out chair” and I would have to sit there for a minute for however old I was, so if I was 5 years old I would have to sit in the chair for 5 minutes. After having to sit in the chair my mom or dad, depending on who was around, would have a conversation with me and have me reflect on what I had done why it was a bad choice, and what I could do to fix it or change for the future. Also having lived with extended family helped me to realize that every parent disciplines their children differently. I would see how my aunts would discipline my cousins, and many of them would get spanked or just sent to their rooms and never talk about the problem again. I think having seen different methods of discipline being used in the house can definitely help me in the future. I can see what method works best for particular children and be able to modify behavior problems better in my classroom. It also brings awareness to how there are many ways to discipline a child and to be cautious when talking to the parents about the child’s behavior as I may not know how they discipline depending on the behavior
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