School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

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For many years the topic of school uniforms have been tossed around over and over with what seems like no clear answer to the question. Are school uniforms necessary? Are student rights being denied? Do uniforms really impact student daily school lives? School uniforms should not be enforced because, they are unnecessary deny the rights of students’ freedom of expression, and have little to no effect on the lives of the students. School uniforms prevent students from participating in gang related activities, substance abuse, violence, and to be safe. Many students are known to have been a part of gangs and condone the use of drugs while on school campuses, with the implementation of uniforms students have become exceedingly better in school activities and their will to learn has heightened. From Hudson’s book Rights of Students, in 1996, the first rule for uniforms was given by Bill Clinton. Statistics say that after the union address from Bill Clinton in 1996, crime reports in grades k-eighth have decreased, sex offenses have decreased from 57% to 15%, assault and battery crime cases have…show more content…
Not being able to cooperate with authority makes it punishing work for both the students and the administration. School fighting happens nearly every year due to a small embellishment that has erupted into a significant issue. Inequality is still lingering around students. Racial tensions, and social status are two of many issues that cause prejudice among

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