Sociological Imagination In Social Work Practices

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Paper Review Summary Sociologists encourages social workers to understand and develop the concept of sociological imagination, and apply this concept into social work practices. The concept of social imagination emphasizes in investigating the patterns, processes and structures of the social system, and the relationship between them and the members within the system. This concept encourages social workers to debunk the society by unpacking our norms and common sense assumptions about our social systems and to relate the issues of individuals to the social structures of their social systems. Sociologists are interested in examining the social and historical circumstances that causes the individuals’ life experiences rather than attributing the…show more content…
Besides working with the service users, social workers can also develop and create the environments that the service users can be fitted in. This can be done by educating the members within the society and community about the idea and concept of society and community integration. And social workers can also help to fight for legislations or policies that can help the service user to better adapt and fit into the…show more content…
It is interested in small-scale interactions between individuals and the subjective meanings interpreted that cause their actions. The symbolic interactionism critics the concept of macro approaches that individuals are passive recipients in the social system that their actions, thoughts and behaviors are determined and shaped by the social structures. Symbolic interactionism states that individuals have the ability to think and reflect upon experience. Although individuals within the same social system share the similar values and meanings towards the symbols in our world by socialization processes, different individuals may still have different interpretations and subjective meanings towards to same act. Individuals are not only able to undergo experience, they have the capability to reflect and be aware of how they present to other members within the system. Through the constant interpretation and reflection processes between individuals, the norms and values of their social system is

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